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    To provide a comprehensive guitar toolkit, the Guitarist's Reference was developed and recently launched, providing learning tools for chords, scales and arpeggios. This innovative new application specifically caters to the guitar lover in anyone.

    With Guitarist's Reference you will learn everything about guitar chords, scales, arpeggios, triads, standard tuning, alternate tunings and much more...

    • Comprehensive database with over 3,000 chord voicings
    • Over 500 scales
    • Over 550 arpeggios
    • Triads in any inversion
    • Chord/Scale relationships: you select a chord, program will show recommended scales. (Work in progress)
    • Scales to Chords: you pick a scale, program will show all chords that work well with selected scale. (Work in progress)
    • Chord Name Finder: You enter your notes on the fretboard, program will tell you the chord name.
    • Easy to look up any note on the fretboard
    • Tones are actually played with every chord, scale, arpeggio, triad. (Work in progress)
    • A Chord Quiz feature allows the user to test their learning on an ongoing basis
    • Support 38 alternate guitar tunings or you can custom your tuning
    • Support Left and Right handed
    • Superb graphics and friendly user interface

    Screen shots:

    Download Here:

    Check out my other apps here:

    Guitarist's Reference:

    Super Hangman :

    Cool Tip Calculator:

    Visit my homepage for more coming soon apps
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    Nice! Happy to try it out...once it's approved.

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    can't wait to try this!
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    I just installed this but there's no option to play/hear the chord. How's the tuning supposed to work?
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    I must say you have some innovative ideas and your graphics aesthetics bring your apps alive. Better than most in the Palm App catalog and some in Homebrew. Just keep up with taking care of the bugs and user request for improvements and I believe you will be in the fast lane my dude. Godspeed and keep up the good work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaihawk View Post
    I just installed this but there's no option to play/hear the chord. How's the tuning supposed to work?
    Please note: This app is a reference - not a guitar tuner. Tuning feature is designed for you to learn/view scale & arpeggio in difference tuning

    About to play/strum chord, I have to put this on hold because the Webos SDK doesn't let you generate audio sound on the fly.
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    Very cool! Been waiting for this one! Thanks!!!
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    I've been playing for years and I would have never have thought that a PDA could be so cool.

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    I don't have a need for this (I'm about as good with musical instruments as stevie wonder is with reading medical textbooks) but this looks really good... Graphics and idea behind this are superb, good luck getting all this stuff into the app store, you'll def make a pretty penny
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    This is a great app - the visual presentation is excellent and the content is great. Looking forward to the updates!
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    Love it.

    This is the first beta I have had no feedback on except to say, Love it!

    - Craig
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    Great app, this was one of the must haves on my list!
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    Excellent! One feature request: could you add a metronome?
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    Nice app the graphics are so nice I want to tap it with my pick.....thank god for screen protectors
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    Metronome...great idea!
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    Metronome? Why not a basic drum machine app?...
    A simple E note tone would be cool for tuning with tweak to drop half or whole step.
    A 4 track app would be sweet too. The iPhone has something like that for quick music memo on the fly.
    Hope the musician friendly type apps keep coming for the Pre!...
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    +1 for a metronome
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    Fantastic App. Thanks for the work.
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    Great app! Add my vote for a metronome.
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    Is there a tutorial for this app so total noobs who want to learn to play?
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