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    This Super Hangman game challenges the user with over 1,000 words in a fun way of studying for the SAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT vocabulary test. Words vary from simple to complex but are easy to learn while playing the game. 16,000 words will be added in the stable version.


    • Relax and Challenge mode
    • Challenge mode you play against the timer. Your best scores will be submitted to Global High Scores board.
    • Global High Scores board will show your rank and top 50 players.
    • There are 4 stick man themes for you to choose
    • App will auto remember your stats, settings. Your game will be saved when you have a phone call or you close the app in the middle of the game. You can continue your game when you re-open it.
    • User friendly design
    • Appealing graphics
    • One and Two Player modes
    • Two Player mode which allows you to enter your own words for your friends to guess
    • Choice of ABC or QWERTY keyboard. There is a switch button that allows you switch between 2 keyboards on the fly. You can use the hardware keyboard to play.
    • Test prep vocabulary for SAT
    • Prep for Test of English as a Foreign Language
    • Test vocabulary for Graduate Exams: GRE and GMAT
    • Hints with either definition or fill-in-the-blank
    • 9 word categories
    • Ability to choose to play with words from all 9 categories
    • Solve option for study use
    • Quick definition reference from with internet connection

    Screen shots:


    Visit my homepage ( for more screenshots and other apps:

    My App Catalog for Palm Pre phone

    Link to other apps on

    Guitarist's Reference:

    Super Hangman :

    Cool Tip Calculator:
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    nice!! cant wait for that guitar app
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    Super it is!!!!!
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    Great Looking app!

    1 Suggestion to change the sound of the buttons being pressed cuz it sounds like the keypad. Other than that plays great!
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    addicting thats for sure
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    Wonderful as expected. Was itching for this as soon as I saw the preview in your tip calc app. I would suggest changing the tone from the keypad tone to something original or just remove it completely because it is distracting. Haptic feedback would be a nice option. Other than that, can't think of much to complain about. I love the style of your apps. Keep it up.
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    Nice. Very well done.
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    Nice. One of the best looking apps out!
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    Great looking App, too bad it too big to fit on my phone.
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    WOW. Sweeet man! I didn't know hangman could be this cool!
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    Sick looking app! Downloading right now.
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    Wow awesome. Just deleted the other hangman as its not needed any more!
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    Mostly love this, but Aussie slang words is just unfair and something I have no interest in playing. Any chance future versions will have a checklist for what you want included so that I could pick everything but that?
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    Very fun. Annoyed by the phone sounds for each button. I don't want NO sound, just not dialpad sounds :P Still played it for an hour and was really surprised by how hard the game could be. Addicting, short, and sweet. Has the foundation for a great game. Good job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Mostly love this, but Aussie slang words is just unfair and something I have no interest in playing. Any chance future versions will have a checklist for what you want included so that I could pick everything but that?
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    This looks like a great game, but I can't play it with the dialpad sounds. The sounds play even when the volume is all the way down and when my headphones are on. It's very loud and distracting for people next to me. I really hope the sounds can be disabled in a future revision because it looks like a fun way to kill time.
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    So I'm number 11 on the global high scores list as of right now. It has a '?' next to my name though instead of a flag. How do I get the game to realize where I am in the world to put the appropriate flag?
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    Very nice!! Thank you.
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    Looks good, I'll give it a go.
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    You can turn sounds off under Menu>Settings.
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