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    Zip Codes is an application that lets you quickly and easily get zip codes matching a specific address or an address for a certain zip code. It will be available in the Homebrew app store soon.

    Handy for people mailing or shipping items everyday and need to quickly get the zip code for their destination.

    More functionality will be coming soon along with an improved UI! This is an early release. We would appreciate the community helping us with feedback, suggestions, and bugs. Precentral rocks!

    Version 0.1.0 [8/27/2009]
    Initial Release

    Known issues:
    - The bottom of the list has a fade that is buggy when switching between "By Address" and "By Zip Code"

    To Do in Future Versions:
    1. GPS service!
    2. Save favorite searches
    3. Save zip codes for quick lookup
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    cool will come in handy im sure thanks!

    an idea maybe to add into this.. area code / phone exchange look up..

    at work al the time i have to call people.. and i have to look up where they are located because im in est. time zone and if they are in pacific, i dont want to call them at 9 my time.

    would be convenient to have an app to punch in their area code and see where they are at.

    would fit inw ell with something like this i think

    just an idea for ya!!
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    does what I need thanks! looking forward to updates!
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    Nice app. One suggestion: When entering numbers in the 'Zip Code' only field, it should be set to allow only numbers. I had to double click the orange button to change the cursor to the number pad. Other than that, works great.
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    Great suggestion Groovehog. Glad you like the app.
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    twentythreemx that's a good idea for an app. I agree it fits into this app in a way, but not sure if we want to put the two together. Someone should definitely develop that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twentythreemx View Post
    an idea maybe to add into this.. area code / phone exchange look up..
    Nice idea ... as a workaround for now you could bookmark an area code listing from the net, until someone develops an app.
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    Although Washington, DC is not a state, it would be nice to have the same functionality to look up locations in the Nation's Capital as you have for the "official" states. Other than that minor detail, I am enjoying Zip Codes.

    Great app!
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