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    This is a power-up version of my last app, "iCuteOverload for Palm" -more offensively and obnoxiously cute with more cute-related rss feed and flickr pics.

    Included feeds are:
    • Cute Overload
    • I Can Has Cheezburger
    • Cute Obssesion
    • Epicute
    • Super Cute Kawaii
    • Cupcakes Take Tha Cake

    Also, a bunch of cute picture streams from Flickr.

    This app allows you to save the pix/feeds you like as your favorites, also share the links via email.

    Thank you
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    Hahaha, nice contributions. It's great to see there are girls actually in the development mix as well.
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    Great App! It would be even better if you could make an option to arrange the favorites in different order on the list. I've seen it on other apps.

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