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    Passify is a simple password generator. The user can choose to generate a password between 4 and 20 characters in length and can specify whether numbers, symbols, or mixed case should be used. Once a password is generated, it can easily be copied to the webOS clipboard to be used in other applications.

    Important: Currently, the password history is stored unencrypted. This app should not be used to securely store your password. You have been warned!

    Change Log


    • Optimized viewing area for the Pixi and various other UI improvements


    • Keeping the password history can now be disabled
    • The user can now change how many passwords are kept in the history
    • Fixed a bug where the currently-generated password was included in the history list
    • Added about dialog with license information


    • Password criteria settings are now retained across sessions
    • Passify now retains a history of the last 5 generated passwords
    • Removed ambiguous characters (l, o, etc.) from the list of possible password characters
    • Various UI changes

    • Initial release

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    It looks good.
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    i can defintely use this for work
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    So how do you apply it to your Apps??
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    Just a thought, but if you also added password storage/retrievability with this (hopefully with some kind of encryption) then this would be really usefull. Me, I generate all my own passwords, but storing them would help.
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    Nice program. Possible a password strength indicator would be neat also.
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    Please consider rolling SuperGenPass into this application and offering an option to switch between algorithms.
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    Hello everyone and thank you for your comments and I hope that you've found Passify to be useful.

    Sugaman: Sorry, but I do not understand your question. Please clarify. )

    Colonel Kernel: Thanks for the suggestion but I would like to have Passify be a one-trick pony for the time being. In the future I may create a separate password-management application that incorporates the Passify generator.

    christefano: I think having separate algorithms is a little out of scope for this little app of mine but I'll take your suggestion into consideration for future updates.
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    I was asking how do you copy it to the clipboard and apply it to applications?
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    Sugaman: Click the "Copy" button in Passify to copy the password to the clipboard. Switch to the app that you want to paste the password to and then click the app menu -> Edit -> Paste. You can also paste by holding a finger in the gesture area and then pressing the "v" key. Hope this helps.
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    Hi, I dont understand how to apply Passify password to an application. I followed the steps above with no success. These are the steps I took. open Passify > press the Copy button > went to Flixster application > opened Flixster application > Press the menu button in Flixster app > (no option to paste). Please Help! Thank you!!!!!

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the Passify app suppose to enable to apply a password to other apps? So, i.e. once applied to Flixster, I would have to use my password in order to open the app? Thanks again!
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    Hi, I dont understand how to apply the Passify password to other apps. Can you please help! I am a little slow so detailed instruction, step by step would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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