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    Update: Oct. 21, 2009
    This thread is being closed. Please join us in our new thread, LaunchPoint Speed Dial, located in the new worthwhileTech developers forum.

    Update: Oct. 16, 2009
    LaunchPoint Speed Dial is now available in the official Palm App Catalog. "Thank You" to all who helped make this possible.

    Special thanks to all who donated! As an expression of thanks to those who helped fund this development with your donations, all who donated prior to the App Catalog release will receive a $4.00 gift via PayPal! Please accept this small token of our extreme gratitude.

    Questions concerning App Catalog release:
    Q: Do I have to buy the app catalog version if I already have the homebrew version?

    A: No, though we wouldn't mind the support if you choose to purchase from the app catalog. This will allow us to further enhance LaunchPoint as well as continue development on future projects.

    Q: Is the App Catalog version different from the homebrew version I have now?

    A: At this time, if you have homebrew version 0.7.3, it is essentially the same as what is available in the App Catalog. New updates and functionality, however, will only be available in the future through the App Catalog. Because of technical requirements, the app catalog has a new app id and a new version (0.8.0). Because the app id is changed, it will appear as a new app and will install alongside the homebrew version.

    Q: What happens if I have the homebrew version and install the App Catalog version?

    A: As mentioned above, the homebrew and app catalog versions have different app id's. This means the app catalog version is considered a new app, not an update. Both versions can be on your phone at the same time, though it is not recommended. Old launchpoints will continue to launch through the old version. New launchpoints will launch through the new version.

    Note: If you are purchasing from the app catalog and already have the homebrew version, we suggest you follow these steps:

    1. Delete all launchpoints. Press orange button and tap launchpoints. We wish this was not required, but the launchpoints are tied to the app id, and we were forced to change the app id before release.

    2. After all launchpoints are deleted, delete the homebrew version of LaunchPoint.

    3. Download the new version from the app catalog and recreate your launchpoints. Please note that future updates will not require deleting of existing launchpoints, this is only necessary when transitioning from the homebrew version to the paid version. We realize this is undesireable, and fought to somehow avoid this, but in the end it was necessary to comply with Palm's requirements for the app catalog.

    LaunchPoint - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
    LaunchPad lets you put photo icons of your contacts right in the launcher. Now your favorite people are one tap away. Turn a launcher page into a favorites page, with photo icons that allow you to call, email or text with a single tap. Sort, customize, and rearrange to your hearts content. Your most favorite can even be dropped into the "quick-launch" bar for even faster access.

    If you have lots of friends, now you'll have a real good reason to apply that "add additional pages to launcher" hack. Imagine, speed dial links on a page, email links on a page, sms links on a page, and pages left over for all those cool homebrew apps. All this greatness and it uses the native pre interface, not a separate app you have to keep open.

    Don't worry, if you don't have lots of friends, tell everybody you know about LaunchPad and you'll make new friends faster than ever.

    NOTE: When you tap a launchpoint, you DO NOT go through the contacts app. Tapping a dialer launchpoint dials the phone immediately. SMS launchpoints take you straight to your threaded message view, and email launchpoints launch a new email message, pre-addressed.

    LaunchPoint will revolutionize the way you organize your contacts and use your Pre.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: How do I delete a launchpoint I have created? <<<<< PLEASE LOOK HERE!!!
    A: Hold orange button on keyboard and tap the launchpoint.

    Q: How do I vote for / rate LaunchPoint?
    A: After you purchase LaunchPoint from the app catalog, please go back to the catalog and give a review/star rating.

    Q: I would like to donate to help support the further development of LaunchPoint. How do I do this?
    A: Buy the paid version from the Palm App Catalog. It's only 99 cents!

    LaunchPad is now known as LaunchPoint! Along with the new name, LaunchPoint received a visual overhaul. Big thanks to sdmeier for the concept and design of the new program icon. Thanks also to PreFix for his diligent help in eliminating the bugs that were causing photo icons not to be assigned correctly.

    Release Notes for Version: 0.7.1 - Released 9/16/2009


    Added popup launchpoints. A popup launchpoint pops up a menu which allows to to choose from dial, email and text. Now you can replace 3 launchpoints for a single contact with one. The previous dedicated launchpoints are still available as well.

    Release Notes for Version: 0.6.0 - Released 9/9/2009


    Fixed bug where AOL avatar images using .gif format were causing a default icon ("moon" icon). They now are assigned the appropriate LaunchPoint icon depending on the LaunchPoint type. All launchpoints created should now display a contact photo or the appropriate LaunchPoint icon (phone, email or messaging). If you get the moon icon for any contact after upgrading to version 0.6.0, please let me know.

    Release Notes for Version: 0.5.0 - Released 9/8/2009


    User interface improvements.

    New program icons. When you create a launchpoint for a contact that does not have a photo assigned, the launchpoint is now created with an icon that denotes the type of launchpoint (dial, email or text).

    Hopefully all bugs related to photo icons no being created correctly, especially for Exchange Server contacts, have been resolved. If you are still having troubles, please post here in the forum.

    Release Notes for Version: 1.1.2 - Released 9/4/2009


    This release contains a number of bug fixes (back-gesture navigation issues, missing photo icons, etc.) and user interface clean up in preparation for inclusion of LaunchPad in the official App Catalog.

    New Feature:
    As requested by KnoxBNYC, you can now use an email address for an sms launchpoint. When you create an sms launchpoint, you will now see all phone numbers and email addresses associated with the selected contact. Note: when using an email address for an sms destination, the messaging app will not open into the threaded "chat history" view, so using a mobile number is preferred if available.

    Upcoming Features
    1. Ability to create a call history launchpoint. If I need to call somebody that's not one of my favorites, chances are they are in my recent call history. On my treo it was a single button but now I have to load the phone app, wait, and then hit the call log button. Not any more.

    2. More options. Personally I love that a single tap initiates dialing immediately, but I know others like the safety of hitting the dial button in the phone app before a call is placed. Soon you will have the option when creating a dial link which dial method to use. I've never drunk dialed an ex girlfriend but I imagine it could cause trouble.

    3. Program group links that will open up a launcher-like card with all games or all utilities etc.

    4. Group text and email links. Assign a group of close friends to a link and text them all with a single tap. Or, update your twitter,facebook status and whatever other social networking site all with a single tap. Even post a photo to multiple online photo sites all from a single link.

    5. Option to create dial, email and sms launchpoints for a single contact without having to go through the process 3 times.

    6. Option to create launchpoint title with underscore instead of space before link type (Bob Smith_email and Bob Smith_sms). This will keep universal search from bringing up all your sms launchpoints when you are searching for a person or app that begins with an "s". This will be an option because I personally like to have universal search bring up all my email launchpoints as soon as I type an "e" but again this is a personal preference. Also, I will add " dial" link type to end of title for dialer launchpoints to allow universal search using "d".
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    So where is this wonderful app located?
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    It has been submitted to the homebrew gallery, . Just awaiting moderator approval. Should be available there and via filecoaster soon.
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    Thanks...I'll be checking it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DNic View Post
    The screenshot does not show much. The app itself is very simple. It's what you do with it that matters.

    Anyone that wants to try LaunchPad before it hits the homebrew gallery can pm me with your email address and I'll email the ipk file.
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    Not up yet?! It's taking for ever with this one! I'm soooo ready to try this app already!....... Sorry had to vent a bit, been waiting since I saw the first post and it's already 5:18am and still no app guess I'll have to go to sleep then......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niris777 View Post
    Not up yet?! It's taking for ever with this one! I'm soooo ready to try this app already!....... Sorry had to vent a bit, been waiting since I saw the first post and it's already 5:18am and still no app guess I'll have to go to sleep then......
    LaunchPad is now available in the home-brew apps gallery:
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    This app is really handy...thanks!

    Any way to improve the resolution of the photo icons?
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    Just downloaded and tested it. It works but its not the app for me. How do you delete your speed dials once the have been made?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irule View Post
    Just downloaded and tested it. It works but its not the app for me. How do you delete your speed dials once the have been made?
    Hold the orange button and then click on the icon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmOD View Post
    Hold the orange button and then click on the icon.
    Wow, and all this time I would go through the "List Apps" section. Thanks.
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    I have been waiting on an app like this. Thank you!!! I experienced a small bug: when I select a create option and do not actually create a launchpoint (opting to use the back gesture to return to the main switchboard), I get just a blank white screen with the LaunchPad title bar across the top. I have to close & re-open the app to get the main switchboard.
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    WOW! Worked GREAT for me! About time we have available a way to JUST dial a number FROM the launcher and not have to tap 3 or 4 times to launch and app, tap a contact, choose a number, then tap to dial

    THANK YOU! This will be the FIRST official Homebrew I am off to Donate to!

    Thank you for creating this!


    So, where can I add MY rating?? and Where can I send a Donation? I dont see eitehr options on the link page for this nice app
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    Great app! Will there be plans in the future to create an option to send group text? Now that would make this an EXCELLENT & OUTSTANDING app.
    There's no greater feeling than riding a Hayabusa going 180+ on an open road!
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    Cool app... Could this also work with organizing apps in a shortcut to cut out the clutter of 4 weather apps into one link??? even if that link sent you to another card? It would be nice to have a main card with shortcut's to other cards with like group apps like weather, games, maps ect.
    Just an idea, not trying to derail your thread
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    Excellent app - great time saver.

    Is it possible to add a way to name each launcher page, or would that be somethin I need to ask of the WebOsQuickInstall developer?
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    Love it.
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    How come for one of my contacts their picture appears as a moon?
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    Suggestion for improvement - How about a button to "Create all 3" so I can just enter each contact that I want to add, and get my 3 launcher icons for Dial, Email & SMS, side by side without having to repeat the set up procedure separately for each type?
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