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    This app simulates the Android experience for your Palm Pre.This is NOT an operating system. This app supports portrait and landscape modes. Please note that this is an early development beta, I plan to add many more features. Enjoy!

    Download Here:

    EDIT 9/27 (v0.2.0):
    - Moved back expiration date to 11/1
    - New full draggable app menu

    - this is an early beta, will be adding much more along the way

    License: this application is NOT open source. Do not distribute!

    Also, Donations are greatly appreciated and will help to speed up development:
    Donations d0lph1nK1ng Software
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    dolphinking, I must say your are a DEVELOPING MACHINE!!! lolz.... looking good...
    aka Gfunkmagic

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    I am eagerly awaiting it to be approved
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    he is a Porting machine. but a machine none the less. I had this on my instinct from ya DK. Will this stay free? I doubt the app store will let you sell this one anyways...
    SCK Manager
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    can you post the file so we can use it before it gets approved?

    im eager !
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    I'd also like to check this one out. another Awesome App From the King
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    The link isn't working for me.
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    I was literally looking for this yesterday (well, attempting to find out if it's possible to dual boot WebOS & Android, however i found no articles after 01/21/09). Thanks for this! I can't wait till it's available for download!!!
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    This for a rooted Pre?
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    Is the link going to be fixed soon? I'm looking forward to trying this out.
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    Link will work when app is approved by precentral
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    WHOA, i forgot that this was possible.

    You beat my expectations with a punch! lol
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    DK, your the App GOD... BIG Ups to ya... keep them coming... donate to the man.. he is making it happen.. Now just waiting for a way to get virt kybd w/o rooting.... I will be in heaven then...
    650p, 700p, Pre
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    Will you be able to change the background pic?
    650p, 700p, Pre
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    This app looks COOL! But the link doesn't work.
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    Can I run android apps in this application or no? If not is that on the todo list?
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    Wow! I can't wait to see what else you have planned for this app. Any hints?
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    Don't want to sound like a newbie (but I am), what is the purpose of the 'android app'?
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    Will you be able to add a calendar in the future to this? That is one of the few things that annoys me about the Pre home page is not having a list of appointments on it. Hate having to go through the app to look up what I need to find instead of it being right there on the home screen.

    Also will you be able to drop and drag different icons??

    Nice app by the way, liking it
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    you should try to make it like htc's hero android interface... that would be pretty awesome!
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