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    Glad you all enjoy it! Just an FYI, if you're on Facebook as well, many other players have posted their invite codes on our discussion board to grow their coven. All you have to do is add the app to your facebook acct and (become a fan!) and click the Discussion board tab and you'll see several postings with other plays' invite codes.

    Link - m:Vampire on Facebook
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    this game is cool
    ID: 800148805
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    This is fantastic. Anyone is welcome to add me:

    ID: 516109134
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    I've spent about a day and a half on this thing!!! Awesome. I'll be adding everybody here. I need a bigger coven. I'm Alaric DeMarnac. My id is 744870982.
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    This is a really cool game.
    Add if you'd like 401464653
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    anyone else get an "install error" when downloading this in filecoaster?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbpunk View Post
    anyone else get an "install error" when downloading this in filecoaster?
    pbpunk, I haven't gotten an "install error" before and i haven't seen any other reports like that yet either... try downloading the app and dragging into the Web OS Quick Installer and clicking "install". That was really easy and worked just fine for me.
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    Added everyone above.

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    Great game, thanks.

    Added everyone above.

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    I just updated filecoaster, and then try to download it. Filecoaster then informed me it wouldn't install because I didn't have enough free space... deleted some useless stuff works like a charm now

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    Thank you
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    Cant seem to get it to download. Oh well, it will work eventually.
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    add me too:

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    Amazing game, but one question. The cost of Gems keeps increasing, does it at any time decrease?
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    Yeah, I've noticed the gem thing too bebz, it makes it hard. I'm at $10,900 for one gem and I've only got 10 left. I wonder if the only way to get a gem is by buying them. I read something about be able to get one in a fight, but don't know how
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    Hey guys! Nice game! Added most of the ppl about me. Add me!! 856590122
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    Add me

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    Please add me 356132360 This is a great game, I've added all who posted.
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    Add me

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