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    add me guys
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    973630511 and 809221375. Me and my friends m. Mafia codes. Add me.
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    Add 204136511

    We've added several players since last post. Trying to get to 100+ members on the crew. LARGE AND IN CHARGE!
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    We're getting more by the day. Keep em coming PreCentral users.
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    This isnt the same mafia wars as on facebook is it?
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    It's different. It's M:MAFIA
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    Oooh, please add me 630 547 528
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    Keep on joining guys. We'll have a PRECENTRAL MAFIA!!

    Add: 204136511 to join the PreCentral MAFIA CREW
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    DQ: 469421804
    m:Vampire: 475111365
    m:Zombies: 391186164
    m:Mafia: 763669760
    m:Racing: 647339509
    Cricket Wars: 926854760

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    LVL 75
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    m:vampire 839 812 718

    m:zombie 998 528 921

    m:mafia 955 953 512

    m:racing 663 322 502

    cricket 211 653 242

    Quest: 653 047 697

    Mobster: 158 998 7631

    Hi Justin! I wish the NPC's were gone - or at least rotated every so often. All of the games would be more challenging if we got to battle REAL players instead of bogus ones. It's tough cause the platform encourages us to add to our gangs but it makes real players to battle scarce. Thank you for making these addictive games!
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    PreCentral.NET Mafia is continuing to grow. To join add 204136511.
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    Wanted to take a moment to thow my numbers in the pile to be added as part of your crew. I will continue to add you to mine and thanks a head of time.

    m:Mafia - 154 186 801
    m:Racing - 276 354 215
    m:Vampire - 844 782 740
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    584 129 173
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    Let's keep the numbers going. Join the PRECENTRAL MAFIA at 204136511.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheeseandcrackers View Post
    Hi. I have been playing M:Mafia on my phone for a few days now and I'm hooked.

    I have mastered the all the jobs in the thug category and have mastered thug. I have since mastered all the jobs within the associate category yet have only mastered the associate category as a whole to 75%. I can't figure out what else I need to do to get the bar to 100% and to have mastered it in full. I thought maybe I needed to complete all 15 levels first... although that opened wiseguy, it didn't master associate.

    Please advise.
    Some jobs rotate daily, so you will have to wait until another day. This is their way of not allowing people to master the game in one day...
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    There is a new game called Mobsters: Big Apple that was also a moblying game, but totally different than the other six. Some things are improved, but some are REALLY annoying.

    Anyone play this game yet? Anyone know why one of my characters (using playdom account) has an invite button and my other ones (linked to facebook) dont? Also, does this have anything to do with the error I'm getting when I invite my other account guys (and some that have posted in the review section of the palm catalog). The error is "invalid target smartphone userid". I googled it and no hits on the interwebs. How could someone have not posted about this?

    Edit: if anyone has the ability to add me, it would be much appreciated. ID: 1041887058. Or, 104-188-7058
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    Give me an add...

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