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    Quote Originally Posted by hutch2426 View Post
    need more party members have invited many but only have five, i need six to do some jobs... anybody interested?
    Hopefully you have figured this out already, but just in case here is some info for playing on the Pre.

    1) If you want a bigger party. all you have to do is press the party button
    2) Next select player ID
    3) then click the white box and type in the persons number maybe mine 369 193 234
    4) and finally heres the important part press CONTINUE not invite

    if you did it right it should say party member added. and go back to the add screen. AND NOW START ADDING EVERYONE ELSE in this thread:

    I hope this helps someone out there. Happy Questing!
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    Pls add me 456709910
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    Just downloaded last night via app catalog... (so, a little late to the game)

    Here's another though!

    735 966 328

    Now, time to start through ten pages of posts...

    See you out there!
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    Here's mine - 403 783 297
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    Mine - 737 353 183
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    626 155 491
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    241 574 460
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    Please add me to all your games:

    M:mafia 132 426 373
    M:Vampire 214 327 389
    D: quest 369 193 234
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    Don't forget to equip enough items for all the members of your party!!

    D Quest ID: 479836904
    m:Vampire ID: 928218696
    m:Mafia ID: 714197277
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    Add Me :-)
    Dung Q: 379 887 390
    Vampire: 384 531 898
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    Using my first post on this forum to say this game (and the others too) are awesome!

    I started with m:vampire, and then m:mafia then dragon quest. I made mistakes in vampire (like levelling too fast, using up all my gem things, adding 100 people too fast, and not adding the appropriate amount of gear) and just started getting killed by everyone in fights.

    In mafia, i just found that if you didnt level up evenly, there were not enough jobs at certain levels and it took forever to gain $.

    Using all the things I learned from these two games, I applied them to Dragon Quest, and now its my favourite game. Im at level 45 I think and im holding my own in fights.

    FYI, if you need gems, try not to buy them in the early stages from the can get them literally dirt cheap when you really need them, since you'll have millions of dollars in the bank from all the fights/big quests.
    Also, if you still need gems after that, spend your fully recharged stamina on some of the older quests that drop loot (1 stamina, 3 stamina, etc.), disregarding how little money youll make and soforth...its a slow process, but if you do this enough times, youll collect many small items like daggers and stuff that you can sell back for gems. The higher stamina cost, the better the products, but less amounts of quests you can run. As an example IIRC, I think the mancatcher returns 5 gems vs the dagger that returns 1 gem. Rinse and repeat as needed.
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    Add me! 317 736 490
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    863 021 271
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    132 723 468

    Really enjoying the game so far.
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    996 537 610
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    Add me, and we'll whoop up on Sorehead!

    Leg O Lamb
    994 824 818
    Mike B in OKlahoma

    Palm V-->Palm Vx-->Palm m505-->Garmin iQue3600-->Treo 650-->Treo 755p-->Palm Pre

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    You are welcome to add me


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