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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    is this officially dead??
    Not dead - just on hold. Until Palm opens up some additional functionality we can't move forward.
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    That's to bad.
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    I'm assuming its regarding pulling contact info because youmails vvm app can't connect the numbers to my contacts. They said palm doesn't allow for access to contacts for safety reasons or something. Hopefully they change this. With the ability to make apps default and all, I'd like to use this over the current palm one which has so many limmitations.
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    I just switched from a Centro to the Pre (verizon to sprint) and I have to admit I miss my Categories and Quick call buttons. This is a pretty exciting app to get me back to what I enjoyed from my Centro. Any idea when it will be sync'd to the Pre's contact list? I'm just lazy and don't want to enter everyone.

    Who do we need to e-mail at Palm to get them to open up the functionality?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reuben.olsen View Post
    Contacts Plus is an alternative contact manager for the Palm Pre / webOS.

    Current Features Include:
    • Activity Log - keep track of communication with any of your Contacts Plus contacts.
    • Tagging - Assign tags to contacts and sort lists by tag.

    Upcoming Features Include:
    • Sync to the web.
    • Customizable tags.
    • Import existing contacts.
    • Manage relationships between contacts.
    • Much more...

    v0.9.3 updates:
    • UI improvements - better flow, less screens, icons
    • Quick dial contacts from main screen - you can set the default phone number for each contact
    • Browse native contacts and quick dial any number / email

    Major updates next version will include: customizable tags, contact importing. After that, much more...

    This app is currently in BETA! Future versions may require a full remove/re-install which will result in lost data (until the web sync is in place). Please share your feedback on the forum.
    thanks alot G
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    A great feature would be to be able to move Pre data like phone numbers and addresses over to Google contacts. I don't know any way to get that info into gmail other than typing it.
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    Keeping an eye on the progress of this app, looks like it has great potential.
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    Why can't I find this in the App Catalog on my Palm? Is this not available anymore?
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    It was always a Beta app, not in the catalog. Wait and see if it gets into the catalog later.
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    This will be very useful
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    thanks for the application.

    i think palm is lacking of a decent syncing tools.
    had to move everything into google account
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    With the 1.3.5 update, has development began again on this app?
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    Any progress?
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    I am trying to understand from this thread all the limitations. WHat I am really looking for is pretty basic..and stupid that the basic app doesnt have it, and that's the basic A-Z selector on the screen. The main reason being to avoid having to crank out the keyboard just for that.
    This app has the A-Z selector bar, but evidently it can't even read the existing contacts. Am I to deduce from this that there is no way to have an updated interface to the contact list so it can be accessed PROPERLY?
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    Well... maybe, just maybe, if 1.4 gives us the ability to export our contacts, maybe Contacts Plus will (in the near future) be able to import them, en masse...

    One can hope!

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    Any updates on the import feature or futur of this app?
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    We love this App. Pls keep it alive.
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    I sure hope this app continues development, it will be killer. One feature needed that I haven't seen mentioned is Find functionality like the old Palms i.e. the ability to search on any field in Contacts, particularly Notes!
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