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    Keep your eyes peeled. The app developed at the New York preDevCamp hackathon is being uploaded now.
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    _A_ detail would have been nice.
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    Im guessing very snarky comments
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    It's published in the gallery now. VERY clever spin on the classic 8 ball, I love it!
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    HAHAHAHA! Great app... I always felt Magic 8 Balls were a little moddy anyhow, so let's just call a spade a spade.
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    Kudos for including all the credits. It's nice to see everyone.
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    Great idea for an app, too bad I live in Southern California. Not much variety in the answers for me.

    "We all follow the Chelsea!!!"
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    Could be worse. I live in New England. The 8 ball is downright bipolar up here.
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    I just tried to load your app via the file coaster didn't work then I tried via sideload didn't work I checked Dev Mode is on. Any Idea why it wont load? Is there a max amount of apps for the Pre? Thanks
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    Heh, fun app. It really is quite moody. A cool/cold weather loving option would be nice. Sun and heat give me headaches.
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    I just doctor'd my Pre (1.4.5) and can't find the Moody Eight Ball app to re-install. Has this been pulled from the repo? Can I d/l it anywhere else?
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    Looks like I can d/l it from PreCentral, but not PreWare. Ok. *shrug*

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