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    Great app! My suggestion would be to expand the contact list to unlimited, and add contact photos. Unlike some of the other guys, SMS can stay out of it. Thanks!
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    hey drimo,
    I was loving your app and just had a question. I am new to the developing side of mojo and was wondering how you are able to get access to the contacts list? Would you mind giving a little advice? thanks
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    Thanks for commenting back on adding to the number of contacts. Look forward to future updates!
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    Great Job. Nice app. My suggestions are the same as everyone elses so I won't repeat. Can you add a label or icon after the phone # so that I know which # it is. Thanks
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    Fantastic Job of offering a SIMPLE App that does a Great Job! I've already deleted "Quick Contacts", as it is too "busy" and I don't want to mess with the photos, etc. I've also replaced the Standard Pre Phone Dialer on my Quick Launch bar with this App.

    Here are a few recommendations for enhancement.

    1. Tap and drag re-ordering of the Quick Dial List. Please keep in mind that for many Pre users (like me), the "Bottom" is now the "Top". What I mean is that the last (8th) item on your list is actually the Easiest to reach and tap when holding the phone. Therefore, I would like to have that slot filled with the most important/frequent contact on my list. Without the ability to reorder, I had to think "backward" when filling out my list, making the Last person first (top of the list - farthest to reach/tap) and the First Person "Last" - closest to the bottom - easiest to reach. Sounds confusing, I know, but hopefully everyone gets my point.

    2. Mixing in the ability to label contacts for SMS and launch SMS from the same list would be excellent.

    3. While I also came up with the same workaround as another user (creating a "blank" contact to get to the Dialer Pad at any time), a small dedicated button to get to the Dialer and/or SMS apps would be very cool!

    Keep up the great work and thanks very much for making my Pre better than ever!
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    Many similar suggestions as others here

    1. Remove the add button when you have chosen 8 contacts
    2. At the bottom have a button to bring up your full contact list
    3. Have a button at the bottom to bring up the dialer (then I can replace the dialer with your app)
    4. Add a small sms icon next to each of the numbers listed as "mobile"
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    As many others have replied, this is a nice app. The simplicity is very nice as it is VERY useful. Keep up the nice work, and the various suggestions posted here already are very good, especially the SMS button, reordering capability, etc.
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    Nice no more having to add contacts to the launcher
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    any chance of seeing a virtual voice mail app like the instinct ?????
    pleaaaaasssseeeeee i cant take having to call the dang vm and listening to
    blah blah blah called at blah bla press 7 to delete 9 to save
    pleaseeeee some one !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by drimo View Post
    Quick Dialer is a simple app that serves as a speed dial application. This was one large feature that I miss from my Treo 650 so I decided to make one the way I wanted it to work.

    There are 8 slots on the list that can be customized for a contact's phone number. When you press the "Add" button, the user is prompted to select a contact and then the phone number to store for the contact. Saved assignments can be deleted from the list by using a swipe gesture.

    To call a contact, simply click on the contact's details and the dial pad will appear with the selected number.

    Known Issues
    • Contacts with only one name show "undefined" in one of the name parts
    • Selecting cancel on phone number selector adds the contact with "cancel" as the number
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    Quote Originally Posted by elateok View Post
    any chance of seeing a virtual voice mail app like the instinct ?????
    pleaaaaasssseeeeee i cant take having to call the dang vm and listening to
    blah blah blah called at blah bla press 7 to delete 9 to save
    pleaseeeee some one !!!!!!!!!!!!
    No, sorry, not from my app. But that sounds like a great app you could start on.
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    Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. I am planning on a small release at the end of the weekend, just need to iron out a few bugs. After that, I'll probably have another minor release, then start work on some of the major changes to the app's architecture (data storage).
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    Here's an idea: what about numbering the contacts, and then putting the number next to them, and somehow making them able to speed-dial by using that number on the keyboard? (Might have to do 2 through 9 if 1 is dedicated to voicemail and can't be overwritten.) After which, if the key is pressed, the call is automatically made without having to tap the green call icon.

    Also, I'd like the ability to rename the contact after adding it... so I can make it "[Name] Mobile", "[Name] Home", or a nickname, or whatever. This would make up for the fact that the numbers are a little small and may be hard to read for some users.

    You might even consider having an option/preference to hide the numbers and show only the contact name - this serves the purpose of not only added privacy, but also allows you a little more screen real estate to either make the name font larger, add some buttons at the bottom, or whatever else.

    Thanks for your hard work. I am looking forward to replacing the main dialer with this application.

    Just thought this might make a nice enhancement to the
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    Are you going to be adding the contact image and and like the phone icon add the sms icon to text?
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    Love it! Great App! I agree about being able to edit names, or at least removing the Undefined - sounds like you are working on that.

    Overall, excellent job, saves me the hassle of searching for my "Fav 5"
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    a very good app,but I hope it will launch more quilkly.
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    Sorry everyone, life got in the way this weekend and I wasn't able to release a new version. I have a little bit more to do on the next version and am hoping to get it out real soon. Thanks for the patience.
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    Great app. Here's my 2 cents.

    1. Add an SMS button to be able to text the contacts from this same app.
    2. Remove the "undefined" which appears if one of my contacts does not have a last name. For example, "Mom" on my address book gets displayed as "Mom undefined".
    3. Be able to edit contact names. For example, I have John Doe on my address book, but I call him Jim, and would like that name on the speed dialer.
    4. Be able to drag and drop contacts across the list. Maybe I added someone later on who I would like to be on the top of the list.
    5. As many others have suggested, it would be cool to replace the default dialer with this app. We would need either a button to bring up the keypad or for the keypad view to be the default, with a button to bring up the speed dial options.
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    When I click "add", it takes me to my contacts, I select which contact to add, then it returns to the homepage with no new contact added...what should I do???
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    I have released version 0.4.0, see the changes here!
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    I love that you added this quick dialer app! I switched from The Instinct and was one of the things that I missed the most on the phone. Do you think that maybe one of the things that you could add to your next update is adding a picture to the contact? again not a necassary add but a cool one

    thanks for all your hard work

    Rochester N.H. (big pre fan)
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