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    Drimo, is active development still going on for this app? Or is it considered final?

    There's pretty much nothing to improve on but another display option would be nice... maybe the ability to add more contacts as well.

    Saw the posts about you being occupied, but those posts date back to November (or so), so I figured i'd ask now.
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    I would like a different view too.

    As well as a way to add a separate number for calling and separate number for sms. (or a name with just number or sms)


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    Tried the Quick Dialer Beta and liked it ... tried to buy it from the App Catalogue and its not there, must be only in the US App Cat (I'm UK), is there anyway to get hold of it ?
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    Hey Drimo... is development of this app still ongoing? Speed wise, I prefer it over the other options... but if it is finished feature wise I will move on.
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    Drimo sent me the following PM (it doesn't seem to be very private in nature, so I feel ok posting it here):

    Quote Originally Posted by drimo
    Perhaps you should move on. I am a one-person developer and my real job (the one that pays the bills) has taken a much larger priority, combined with the birth of my child. This is making it difficult to find time for Quick Dialer, so I completely understand if you want to move on if you are looking for new features all the time.
    Congratulations on the new baby, good luck with other work stuff. Thanks for the update.
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    Thanks for a great app! Still my primary phone dialer. You will be missed but your app will no doubt live on!!!!!!
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    I am from Germany using PalmPre within the german O2-net. QuickDialer full version is not part of the german App Catalog. Beta Version works very fine for me (also with WebOS 1.4) - how can I get the full version ? Any Help ??
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    I just wanted to let everyone know that Quick Dialer 1.1 should hit the App Catalog for update soon. I submitted the update last night. The new version has several new features, like customizable predefined SMS messages (handy when you need to let the baby sitter know you are on the way to pickup your child, lol), customizable prefix dialing, speed improvements, and other bug fixes.

    I also submitted the app distribution in Germany, UK, and Ireland. Based on demand, I will be looking into France and Spain, as well as how to handle the different tax situations for Canada and Mexico.
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