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    iCuteOverload for Palm, is a Pre/WebOS version of the award winning blog site, CuteOverload. You can view pictures and YouTube video of the cute little animals on your cute little handset anytime anywhere! This app allows you to save your favorite feed as bookmarks too.

    Originally, I have created an web app for iPhone 2 years ago, using iUI framework, and now I have done this again from scratch with some improvements for Pre!
    Honestly, I am still an iPhone user, but I really want to switch to Pre! I am just hesitating the carrier switching issue :-( Oh well.

    Anyway, opinions, suggestions and complaints are all welcomed!
    Thank you,
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    keep your iPhone, you can bump to transfer data as well as have REAL copy paste :-(.
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    Donations are greatly appreciated and can be donated HERE!. Again thank you ALL for your continued support!

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    if you dont like the pre then you shouldnt be on this site at all the iphone is a overpriced ipod that you have the ability to make a phone call on. In due time alot of people will get smart and dump their overpriced iphone and att. common sense is to ask yourself why pay more money for a name and thats what it boils down to im not carrying a phone because its a certain brand or its cool im carrying one that will do everything i need it to do
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    So, girlie mac. I think you should just ignore the previous two posts. They seem unreasonably negative.

    Release your app, so people here can play!
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    Oops, here's a link:

    Yeah, there're always haters of everything :-p
    I keep all my worthy phones no matter what I use currently. I used to like Nokia N-series then iPhone, never a big fun of Palm (sorry!) until Pre!
    Anyway, this is a forum for Pre, so my bad I mentioned the "Jesus phone".
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    Just a suggestion, don't call something i(insert name here) on a Palm Pre website. :/
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    Really cute stuff, girlie_mac. Nice presentation as well. It does seem quite sensitive when trying to scroll, I had numerous times that a browser opened up as I tried to scroll the page. Don't know if anything can be done about it, or if it's just me
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    Quote Originally Posted by kesne View Post
    Just a suggestion, don't call something i(insert name here) on a Palm Pre website. :/

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Besides the name, great app!
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    Oooo shoot me. I left "i" because I already have the same web app for iPhone, and wanted to keep the name... I should've been more sensitive since Apple seems to own the right for "i" or something. Google the letter i, and you'll be surprised!

    And vholif2137, no not just you! it happened when I was demo'ing at PreDevCamp... so I guess this annoying behavior happens to pretty much everybody.
    I probably need to remove the link on images for the next update!

    Thanks guys!
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    Ohhh thats sooo...well you know, cute! Funny and that makes it great
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    Pretty cool app
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    Nice for a laugh. Same issues here with the web app starting up. Ignore the haters.

    Good to see you here.

    Developed any other apps you're thinking of porting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
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    keep the name.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    craftsman, I am planning to work on MuniApp next. This is a San Francisco Transit tracking app that me and my friend have done for iPhone before.

    But before this, I may worn on something original, not sure yet!
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    Updated to v1.1.0

    The links on the images have been removed, so the images are no longer re-launched on a new browser window by accidental tap. Also some code changes.
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    I like the name but prefer precute. Down with the "I" everything crap.
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    or maybe CutePre

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