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    This is a simple Etch-A-Sketch game. To draw you just tilt your screen in the desired direction. You can change your background color and brush color, along with how big the stroke is and how fast it paints. The most fun comes though when shaking your Pre to clear the screen! Enjoy.

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    Update - Version 0.1.5

    - Dazzling new icon thanks to Remix2000!
    - Corrected preferences screen when using colored background.
    - Your pencil color selection should no longer disappear.

    Not sure what else to do with this app, so if you have suggestions let me know. FYI as of right now, Palm does not have a way where we can save what you draw so take a screenshot.
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    Yes, Very nice, waiting on this
    SCK Manager
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    awesome utilization of the accelerometer.
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    Looking forward to this, too.
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    Another App with Pre in the name..
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    Hey, it worked for Apple.
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    yea, i'm pretty tired of seeing pre<app name> names, they should be unique as these applications will work on ALL webos devices and not just the PRE.
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    Donations are greatly appreciated and can be donated HERE!. Again thank you ALL for your continued support!

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    Looks cool -- any idea when it will make it to filecoaster?
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    awesomeness!! cant wait!!
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    What about just "Sketchy"?
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    Sketchy is cool or maybe accelesketch since it uses the accelerometer
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    When will this be on filecoaster?
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    Probably not until tomorrow I think the dudes who moderate the site are sleepin
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    Definitely can't wait for this. Sounds very cool to play with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGame View Post
    yea, i'm pretty tired of seeing pre<app name> names, they should be unique as these applications will work on ALL webos devices and not just the PRE.
    How can you be so sure all wedos devicer will ship with acceleromominimeters?
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    Would be real nice if you could create something on it ...then turn it into a wallpaper.....not just take a screen shot of it....but an actual wallpaper. Example: your baby girl/boy just put their finger on the screen and doodled can make it a wallpaper.....PRICELESS!!!

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    Nice app, great idea.

    Is there any future plans to be able to save pictures? I have noticed on most apps (drawing, games, etc) there is no saving functions. Is this a limitation of the phone or just somethings programmers have not incorporated yet?
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    I think this shows that the relatively slow accelerometer update rate available is sufficient to do a labyrinth game too.. I'm impressed with this update rate.
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    Very fun to mess around with and I'm surprised at how sensitive and accurate it is. As most people have said with all of the current drawing apps, a save feature will be great. One thing I noticed is that when you change the palette color and then go back into preferences, the entire preferences screen is that color as well. So if you turn the palette black and then go back into preferences it is all black and you can't see any of the writing.
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    Am I just too old to remember how this game works -- I'm tilting the screen until I look like a loon and nothing. At the risk of asking a dumb question -- please explain how to work this, please.
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