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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacdragon View Post
    how can i change that to unlimited
    There is apparantly no way to do it, and no one seems to be trying to fix it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redhat View Post
    New version 0.3.1 posted. Better error handling. Minor visual improvements.

    Also, I now display the "Horizontal Accuracy" as reported by the Pre's location function. If you are getting bad maps (your location doesn't look right) let me know where you really are at the time, geographically as well as whether you are indoors, outdoors, basement, tunnel, etc. and include that Horizontal Accuracy number.

    You can easily send error reports and suggestions directly from the app. Click the app menu (top left of screen) and select Contact. The button will open an e-mail message containing the current version number. Add a description of your problem/suggestion.
    Great app, I dont drink coffee but for anyone in NYC this app is more of a 'free bathroom finder' then anything else!

    Suggestion: Can you make the distance slider remember what you set it to last time it was used? It is annoying to have to slide it over to 1 mi every time.

    Other then making the UI blend in with the rest of webOS better I dont think there is anything to add. It is a perfect simple app. Thanks!
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    Can someone make a "Get Panera?" That would be wonderful!
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    I'm planning to add a "Get (other stuff)" option on the menu. What else would you like to Get?

    By the way, we have just started a companion project to build our own database of coffee shops. Currently available data, including what we can get from Starbucks own Web site is too limited for our taste. Try this and add your favorites:

    Coffee & WiFi Locator

    If /when we get enough data we'll switch the Pre app to use our own location info.
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    Would be cool if it didn't open up gmaps and had its own map to limit time.

    Good work
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOE-GUNZ View Post
    Would be cool if it didn't open up gmaps and had its own map to limit time.
    Boy you must need your coffee really fast!
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