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    Here's my contribution to the contest. This is an implementation of a Concentration/Memory game with a space theme. Beta version 0.1.6 has been uploaded to the catalog.

    This app will hopefully appear in the App Catalog shortly. The game is planned to support downloadable themes. If you would like to produce a theme for Match 'Em please contact me at: themes _at_ dynaptic dot com. If you are interested in translating Match 'Em into Spanish or French you can visit App Translate and sign up for an account. Match 'Em text should appear there shortly.

    Download from the Homebrew App Gallery

    Version 0.1.6:
    • Updated expiration date

    Version 0.1.5:

    • remaining images
    • Sounds
    • Music
    • two different highscore tables

    The app will be available in the App Catalog shortly, one hopes. The version uploaded will expire on October 15th.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    i cant find it
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    Quote Originally Posted by taniabonita53 View Post
    i cant find it
    It will take a few minutes or so for the admins to put it up.
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    ah, ok lol. thanks
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    I get "install error" from fileCoaster.
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    Interesting... I'll test with fileCoaster. Does anyone know why an ipk build on the Mac might not install?
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    Works for me with latest filecoaster. Are you using the latest version? Anyone else having difficulty?
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    Works fine for me using filecoaster.
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    Nice game love the choice of pictures. Sound might be nice, something with a fast pace. That's all I could think of.
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    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds will be coming soon. If anyone knows a site where some background music can be found I'd like to know about it.
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    I really like the small screen but not as thrilled with the large screen. It has numbers too, right? I wish you would find some more celestial things to include. Works great though. +1
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    Great App

    agree just sound and maybe the ability to add your own pics to the game.

    Good work bro
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclegeek View Post
    I get "install error" from fileCoaster.
    You have too many apps installed. Try erasing one or two then it will install fine. I'm not sure what the limit is, but I ran into the same problem, even though I have 7 gig of free space.
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    Love it!!! thank you soo much
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    This game is Great! can't wait for the updated images (numbers make my head spin) lol.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Good job, I like this matching game better than the other one in homebrew, more varied images.

    Here is some ideas for your remaining images for the large board:

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    "Your beta copy of Match 'Em has expired. Please check the App Catalog for updates or visit the support Web site."

    I deleted and reinstalled, got the same message. Can we get an update? My daughter plays this game almost daily.
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    Yes, I will release the final version that is going to the App Catalog with a later expiration date. This will include all the images and a new 'educational' about the images section.
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    love the game, waiting for the new version!!
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