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    PREdictions is the result of my personal preDevCamp.

    Find it in the Homebrew section.

    Just for fun... don't let it guide your life too closely!

    Known issues:
    • The SHAKE api appears to still have some latency issues.
    • Database of "predictions" will be enlarged in future versions.

    Enjoy - leave feedback on the forums.

    -- UPDATED to 0.9.2 - Added "Daily Horoscope"

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    Available and approved for the v2 gallery.
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    looks interesting. thanx for making this app. i will check it out
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    Great APP. This is a perfect alternative to the magic 8 ball.
    I can't wait for..

    to see what stay tuned more to come has to offer..

    Great work!!!
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    Installed and runs just fine. Nice.
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    Sounds cool thanks
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    gr8 app
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    the crystal ball was great
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    Very nice.
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    Thanks for the great app... and quality graphics, too!
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    Thanks everyone for your support. This was a fun project for the preDevCamp since it uses a variety of methods of interaction with the phone as well as animation techniques. There are still a few more tricks in the bag so watch for upcoming versions.
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    Just posted an update - 0.9.2 - added "Daily Horoscope" which pulls from a web service your new horoscope every day.
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    Very nicely done.

    It would be cool if you could get the horoscopes from The Onion, which are extremely funny. Although I suppose depressing if you don't get the humor in them. Course it's only monthly, but still... Your Horoscopes | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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    Is this app still being developed? I was really impressed with it. Mine still says, "more to come" at the bottom so I've been waiting, but thought I'd chime in. Let me know if more updates are comming or if it'll show up in the Palm catalog soon.

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