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    Quote Originally Posted by girlie_mac View Post
    Oooo, it's cool to see this app, especially because I used to be the one who was in charge of the Yahoo! Mobile web front-end!
    That viewport issue is likely to be on Yahoo!'s fault. They may have messed up with their device DB. (user-agent detection may be wrong or something. I'll ask somebody who still work there.)

    And yeah, I'd suggest you should use for Flickr, as Flickr team has done a better mobile web app!
    Thanks! Wow! I was debating whether to use either or

    Oh, do you think I should switch the Buzz url from to ?

    Trying to find the best ones that scale properly in the Pre's browser.

    Oh & here's the Pre's user agent btw:

    Mozilla/5.0 (webOS/1.1; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.27.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/1.0 Safari/525.27.1 Pre/1.0

    Been using that as my test via Safari's user agent switch menu (Develop->User Agent-> Other..)

    Thanks for the suggestion & kind words about my app

    edit: Just finished the 1.0.8 update. Switched urls for Flickr & Buzz. Should now scale properly in the Pre's browser. Just waiting for the update to be reviewed.

    Thanks again girlie_mac for the suggestion!
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    Just finished 1.0.9. Somehow I missed a small error in my sources.json file. Sorry if it caused a problem for anyone. Just waiting for a mod to review it

    edit: 1.0.9 is now live! Happy downloading!
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    This looks great! One question though, any idea if you can add something to this app or create another app for controlling Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?
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    Quote Originally Posted by impresiv1 View Post
    This looks great! One question though, any idea if you can add something to this app or create another app for controlling Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?
    I tried finding a mobile version of Yahoo Fantasy Baseball but, couldn't find one. I'll keep looking though
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    Thanks! I have looked forever too, but still haven't found one.
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    Hi, I asked a current dev at Yahoo! and he told me the viewport issue will be fixed with the new design on the next production push. (will take another a few weeks)
    In the meanwhile, you can preview the new UI on Pre at:
    The new front page
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    does yahoo messenger work on this??
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    Oh, I've got some good news. I'm finishing up development on MobiOS. Should be finished in the next couple of days
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    Almost finished development with MobiOS. 2 more significant bugs left to squash & then it's done
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    MobiOS is done! This app won't be individually developed anymore. All functionality has been included into MobiOS. Head over to the forum topic for more info
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    So I like the idea but the only thikg I use yahoo for is fantasy football. When i open the FF tab in your app though, it shows last years FF team. Which isn't so good since it is this year's team i need to edit. Thanks though!
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    Can someone please explain why this app is displaying my fantasy football team from 5 YEARS AGO? What's worse, is that this is the ONLY fantasy football option it gives me....useless
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    anyone have any ideas for the fantasy football post?
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    Hi there,

    I can't get the Y! Help to work. I get this error on my pre:

    ERROR: Document is empty
    Invalid Blueprint
    line 4: Yahoo! Help
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    When I initially installed this program it gave the option....(I think) to link to your regular yahoo profile and pull up all your favorites and settings. How can I get back to that setting so it will pull up all my favorites....i.e. my weather....etc? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but that didnt work. I cant find a setting to do this. PLEASE HELP!
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    Nevermind.....figured it out. Needed to log out and then back in to my yahoo. Nice app. And I think I answered my other question about is a replacement/enhancement for yahooyOS...correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorBS1318 View Post
    anyone have any ideas for the fantasy football post?
    It tells me I have no, OK. Thanks Yahoo.
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