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    Did another small update in the meantime (1.0.3). Some more code cleanup & added a donate link to the menu. Trying it out for now. Not too sure if it's too intrusive to put that there. Opinions/views on the subject are welcome. Will post again when the new version (1.0.3) is live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingrich View Post
    this app wont load for me im usin sdk
    I think I figured out why. I had one small error in my "sources.json" file. I still had it pointing to my GoogyOS app (used that as a basis for my WindyLive app). Just packaged 1.0.4 & should have that up later today. Sorry for the problem.

    Had the same issue with my YahooyOS app as well Fixing that one too. Tiny oversight on my part. Hopefully this fixes your install problems
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    Just finished 1.0.4. Sorry if the sources.json error caused a problem for anyone. Just waiting for a mod to review it

    edit: 1.0.4 is now live! Happy downloading!
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    Oh, I've got some good news. I'm finishing up development on MobiOS. Should be finished in the next couple of days
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    Almost finished development with MobiOS. 2 more significant bugs left to squash & then it's done
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    MobiOS is done! This app won't be individually developed anymore. All functionality has been included into MobiOS. Head over to the forum topic for more info
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    I just D/L this windyLive app to my computer and was going to send it to my phone but I am not sure how to install it on my phone by going to the site and clicking on the link from the phone I got an error saying the it was not supported so how do I install this app on my Palm Pre Plus?

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