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    Starting now (version 4 of server) and a $4.99 purchase will be required to get the server application.

    This application lets you control your media player on your pc from your pre. The application has two parts one is an application that runs on the pc (currently windows only) and listens on port 63342(MEDIA) for controls from the pre.

    For more detailed information and downloads please see the following site:
    Media Remote Site

    Currently the following media players are supported by the server:
    Windows Media Player/Center (full functioning)[unable to control repeat]
    Winamp (Limited to current song, volume control, next, previous, play and pause)
    ITunes (windows)(full functioning)
    Media Monkey (full functioning)[unable to control repeat]
    XBMC (full functioning)[unable see playlist contents for change playlist]
    VLC (This will be through the same pc server proxy)

    Currently working on:

    Hopes for future Media Players:

    Unfortunately I am a java and c# so other will be slow but I will try to do others, If you would like to help making a server let me know.

    PLEASE NOTE For support use the contact us page on

    Most of this thread is related to when the server was in beta. And most can get the server running with no assistance or a couple of emails exchanged.

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    Would be great if you could also add the ability to control the media player in xbmc as well.
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    Other Media Player suggestion... MediaMonkey?
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    This is great, I greatly missed this feature from my iPhone.
    How about VLC control as well?
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    This is a great idea. What about adding...dare i say it. Zune controls, if possible? There are a few of us zune users around! Either way, keep up the good work!
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    I second MediaMonkey.
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    Please add the ability to control the Zune player also.
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    Another media player: Squeezecenter.
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    I 3rd the request for Zune support.
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    Slick interface, good luck with supporting this app! lol
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    for ur app store release, i would suggest a pretty detailed help section. I'm guessing the majority of the people who will use this don't have an idea what port forwarding is...
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    I agree media monkey would rock!!!
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    why cant you put up the package?
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    Thanks! VLC! Media Player Classic! VLC!
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    Spotify would be sweet. Great looking app!
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    I am willing to test xbmc xbox and pc support
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    i 2nd zune support . also nice looking app, great job!
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    Zune! Wow. More of us than I expected.
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    I also would LOVE VLC support as well.
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