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    So for XMBC there is not actual control like iPhone's XMBC remote?


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    Quote Originally Posted by osupike99 View Post
    So for XMBC there is not actual control like iPhone's XMBC remote?


    I unfortunately dont know how it the iphone app works, but i am guess you mean direct access to xbmc no intermediate. At some point I hope to retrofit the media remote app for the pre to not go through the server for xbmc and VLC. Currently that is not the case and I dont have a timeline for that yet. Using the server interface allowed for the implementation to go much quicker.
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    So this Forum thread is very long due to the quick cycle we went through with the beta. Now that this app is in a stable release I am thinking about starting a new thread for the release version. Any thoughts?
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    I'd like to make a request for Zune software support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I'd like to make a request for Zune software support.
    I would love to support zune but I am unable to find an api to support doing such so far. If you see a remote control api for the zune I will incorporate it.
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    Unfortunately, I have to agree with an earlier poster that this desperately needs a demo for the server, even if only a few days.

    It seems like an interesting program (that I somehow missed until now), but I won't be buying it without being able to try it. I can understand that a lot of your support requests are about setup which would mean you'd have to support the trial, but you could just as easily make it clear that the trial comes with no support.

    I see that you mentioned how you'll refund to unsatisfied customers, but to me, that's not worth the hassle.

    Good luck with this as your model though.
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    I do not have the code setup for a mass demo to be available for free download. If you would like a demo version of the server please email me at tonyparisi (AT)
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    I purchased this app for the intro price but have yet to be able to run it. I am using Windows 7 and cannot connect to my pc. I am able to get the info from the browser when i turn off the windows firewall but when it's on and I open the ports in both the firewall and router I can never connect. Has anyone been able to get this to work on Windows 7 with the firewall on??

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    Any chance we can control AirTunes speaker output via the Pre in the near future? I love the program so far.
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    Tony -

    I installed the software; ran into a glitch and realized that I needed to install the .NET framework. Now it is running, and I am using the Windows Media Player. I can't control the playback.

    I know I'm connecting to the server, because when I use the PC Control utility it works fine.

    Any thoughts?

    - Larry
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    When using WMP insure that you have WMP open prior to opening the server. If WMP is not open some time the server cant get control of the player.
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    Thanks for the response, Tony... I'll try that tonight. By the way, has anyone given you a hard time about using a sample photo with the wrong MP3 tag? It's Smooth CRIMINAL from Alien Ant Farm... not Smooth CRIMAL.
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    Tony -

    Got the app to work last night, and it's FANTASTIC! I have a PC used as a media player (movies, etc) and have no way to get a remote to work with it for play/pause, and this is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!

    What would be a very nice extra perk would be if the controls were available on the lock screen, much like Music Player (Remix).

    Kudos for the fantastic beginning - can't wait to see what the next version can do...
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    possible to add zune remote control? that would be totally awesome.
    get vlc ready and i'm sold.

    ps. play control ;-) the suggestions are useless. thx for sharing your skills
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    The biggest and best feature you could add would be *full* media key support. This would be perfect since most applications use media keys, so having generic support for it will give you application way more compatibility!

    The following are the best keys: Play, pause, stop, up, down, left, right, esc, vol up, vol down. This should be very easy to implement since you can use normal Windows event keys

    Personally, I use MediaPortal on a HTPC, and I would love media key support on my Palm Pre! Or, please give support for MediaPortal MEDIAPORTAL - free media center - Home
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    I'm not sure how I can make it work with WMC. You say it supports full functionality but I can't even select WMC in the Controller Server. If I then select "Windows Media Player" it doesn't do much, the client connects but doesn't recognize what's running in WMC, can't pause/play anything or change the volume, it doesn't even seem to show the correct interface. At least nothing's there to control TV, Video, Pictures, Music Library, EPG and all the other features of WMC. Please help me to set this up as it's the only reason why I bought it, don't need all the other player apps...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bouncy View Post
    I'm not sure how I can make it work with WMC.

    Could somebody please confirm or deny that this works with WMC before I purchase.
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    The Application will control the Music playing functions of windows media center. By fully functional that means the functions within the media remote application work. To control WMC you must start wmc prior to starting the server application or it will not be able to connect correctly to it
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    I find Jriver media player one that works or me the best. Any way to get media remote to work with that? if so im definitely buying media remote
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    Just upgraded to Windows 7 and can't get the remote to work for WMP. Any tips?

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