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    Anyone else getting an error on the regular woot feed?
    It worked fine through the Woot-off this week.

    The other feeds work (shirt, wine, kids,sellout), but not plain old woot.
    The error says "Unable to Load Feed"
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    Just wanted to say, I love the app. Any plans to take it into the app store? Seems easily deserving of $.99.
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    there is now a woot app in the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    there is now a woot app in the store.

    and it sucks, woot on is much better, but . . .

    the t-shirt seems to have an issue with buy this. it sometimes doesnt register the tap. the other scenes dont seem to have this issue.
    if you click on the picture of the shirt to see a bigger image, then you swipe back, i want one doesnt work. you have to refressh the page listing for it to to work and take you to the web site.

    hopefully this is still being developed.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    this has been updated to include notification support. It will automatically try to get new products at the appropriate time.
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    Will support be added for their new deals.woot?
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    Wonderful app, I find it quite useful.

    With today's Woot-Off, though, I'm finding it quite difficult to determine the status of the progress of each individual Woot.

    Unfortunately, I have color differentiation issues (I'm partly colorblind) and cannot tell if the progress bar under the item pic has changed.

    If the progress bar is supposed to change, would it be possible to use a different, more contrasting color scheme?
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    Any plans to fully support wootoffs? Getting notifications every time the products change would give us that jump ahead so we can get things before they sell out.

    Between this app and Dealert I am very happy.
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    Nick, I am happy to say I am planning on supporting with Dealert as well
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