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    So, um...there's now a "". Any chance of adding that in?
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    Any chance you could add a link to I just found out about this page. I love the woot sites and think this is a great app.
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    Frackin sweet app. I love this site, and go to it every morning. Now if it would only enable me to get BOC's quicker

    Quote Originally Posted by cujoe View Post
    Delicious Morsel (Maker of Twee) Just released this open beta, everyone give it a go.

    WootOn! enables you to track, Shirt.Woot, Wine.Woot and Sellout.Woot with ease from your Palm Pre.

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    ditto on
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    On the feed, is it possible to have the full text listed? For those of us in states that aren't shipped to often, it would be great to see the list.
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    I'd love to see too!
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    I'd like to see the kids.woot in this as well, please?
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    During a woot-off an alert when the item changes would be epic. Not sure how possible it would be though.
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    customizable woot sites? I don't care about wine.woot or kids.woot.
    Now, if kids.woot sold 1 kid a day, that might be a different story, but since it's just toys for kids; meh.
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    One more vote for kids.woot : D
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    Just updated this to version 0.0.2

    Added support for
    Added limited auto-refresh for WootOffs
    Twee - Twitter Client
    Feeds - Google Reader
    WootOn! - Client
    Eliza (for lol's)
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    Love the app, downloaded the update yesterday and the app no longer can find the woot websites? Any chance a bug got out the door?
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    I had become addicted to this app. Checkin it every day but since the update it just timesout everytime and I get an error "Unable to load the feed."
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    I'm getting the same error
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    I loaded this app yesterday and have gotten this error every time.
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    works now for me.

    Is it supposed to take you to the web page when you click I want one? It doesn't do anything for me.
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    Confirmed, working fine now. Clicking on "I want one" does indeed take you to a web page.
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    I like Woot. I check these sites daily from my computer, now I can check them from my Pre. Thanks.

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    the t-shirt seems to have an issue with buy this. it sometimes doesnt register the tap. the other scenes dont seem to have this issue.

    i just purchased my 1st tee.
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    Any chance of some alarms for added wootoff function?
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