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    I figured out why the sceen comes back on on the touchstone. It happens when the phone locks the screen after the time out. This also causes the weirdness with the lighted buton. The other thing I noticed is when you get a phone call while on the touchstone I think you should make the screen turn back on, it curently does not.
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    The issue I saw is that the phone screen does NOT turn back on when you remove the Pre from the TStone. I have to open the keyboard to enable it again or press the power button once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jingles View Post
    I have a request that I would like to ask you to consider. The default timer for turning off the screen only allows 3 minutes. This isn't long enough for me when I am using apps such as ereader. Can you include in your app, the ability to extend the timer to 10 or more minutes, also unlimited? This would be real helpful.
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    I have installed the program and have the following observations.

    If I put the phone on the touchstone with your card open, the button to turn off the screen shows up. If I put the phone on the touchstone then open the card, the button is not there.

    When the screen shuts off on the touchstone, the center button lights up.

    I would prefer that the screen turned on for a phone call, text message, alarm clock, etc. But...I get spam emails all night and I'd prefer it didn't turn on for email.
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    Nice work on the app. I don't see the button for turning off the display when the Pre is on the Touchstone. Where should I look for it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessescotthinkle View Post
    Nice work on the app. I don't see the button for turning off the display when the Pre is on the Touchstone. Where should I look for it?
    You have to have the app open BEFORE you put it on the touchstone. Once you place it on Tstone, the button will pop up.
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    zinge so far it is working for me. my TS still has issues, but it is working now.

    Achill3s, you have a PM
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    Works great on my Touchstone. I open the app, sit the Pre on the Touchstone, the "Turn Off Screen/Keyboard" button appears, I press it, and the screen turns off.

    I like that the Center button stays lit. I don't know why I like it... For me, it's just kind of a visual confirmation that it's still on the charger, I guess.

    I'd still like to see the issue with the keyboard's brightness resetting resolved, whenever you get the chance.
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    sounds good, ill check it out.
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    Have not read through all the threads, lazy, but the touchstone button works great. The button does become lit though. Thanks! I'll be paying for this app.
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    Great App...Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for the app! I've been waiting for someone to develop a way to shut off the screen when on the TS. Hate that it stays on. Dunno if it will ever be possible to have a setting that does this auto without the card open, but a nice start for sure.

    Perfection would be:
    Option for screen on/off using TS, option for LED on/off using TS, screen on for 30 sec when notifications pop up - then screen back of but flashing LED continues for notification

    Thanks again, keep up the good work
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    Touchstone button works flawlesssly, willthis app ever work without the card being open?
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    If I close the app my keyboard light won't come back on when I open the slider. If I remove the app, it doesn't set my pre to factory (ie, before Brightness Unlinked installation).
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    I've found if I reset the display and keyboard brightness to max, my keyboard will light up again after opening it with the app closed. Other settings seem to have disabled the turning on of the keyboard light.
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    Great app, I got one suggestion.

    Don't know if it's been mentioned but I think it would be awesome if you can add a timer. During the day time, I have my screen set to 10 and the keypad set to 0. And it seems like that really helps conserve battery life. And then at night I turn the keypad up to 25 so I can see it at night. It would be great if I had an automatic timer that I could set and tell it starting at 5pm, or whenever it starts to get dark outside, to turn the keypad on to 25% birghtness. I'm not sure how possible that is. But I'm sure you might be able to make some kind of day vs night settings or profile options. That way it could save your settings for day and/or night, and then quickly switch the phone from day to night settings
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    Let me verify here. If on the touchstone and I push that button I still am supposed to see that white ball lit right? This Pre is starting to get annoying, it just does NOT want to be denied!
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    Thanks very much, quite a useful app.

    Is it possible to also turn off the little clicky white ball's light when on the touchstone? I want to use this to sleep, but that little light is surprisingly bright.

    Thanks again for a great app!
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    Great program! Thanks for the hard work.
    I found that after turning off the back light that the little round light is on.. but if you open the phone again (while still on touchstone) and turn of the back light a 2nd time the little light goes away. This is nice, to give a choice for people who want it on or off. What I have notice that does not work is that after 3 minutes it resorts to the default palm pre touchstone screen. I think without a way to disable the palm pre screen timeout many people will not be able to use features like this.
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