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    Yes, I have to run BU each time I want to change the keyboard brightness, but I never change it. I leave it at about 10. The only reason I use BU is because by default the keyboard back light is completely off when the screen is at its lowest setting. That just seemed stupid. Obviously, if I have the slider open, I want to see the keyboard.
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    which is exactly why inverted keyboard brightness was made. I don't have to run an app every time I want to see my keyboard at night. And if you close the keyboard you have to run the app again.. 10% is too dim for my taste anyway. But for you, you should download the fixed keyboard brightness patch instead, and set it to 10% just like you want.
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    Yes, the Fixed Keyboard Brightness patch is PHENOMENAL! It keeps my keyboard at 100% at all times without having to run an app in the background. Plus, with Mode Switcher I can automatically have the screen turn off at night when my Pre is on my touchstone!

    I loved BU before it had to run in dashboard mode. BU has played a necessary role in the evolution process. Thanks zinge!
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    I'm glad it was useful to everyone for a while! I just got back on the forums after several months, so I'm trying to catch up on everything.
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    I was really frustrated when I realized that the display was bright all night while charging so thanks to this App I can sleep at night :-) without it I coulnd't charge at night.
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    Great I'm gonna check it out
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    Running the fixed key keyboard brightness 100% since inverted keyboard brightness isn't ready for webos 2.1 yet on my Pre2.

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    Works perfectly!
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    Works also with webos 2.1 on my Pre-
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    I just installed the advanced system behavior patch and it includes inverted keyboard brightness

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    i got error :"unkonown methodset for category backlight" using enyo, is there any problem in my code?

    name: "keyBri",
    kind: "PalmService",
    service: "palm://com.palm.power/backlight",
    method: "set",
    onSuccess: "setAlarmSuccess",
    onFailure: "setAlarmFailure"
    // subscribe: true

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