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    So, it's finally time for me to show off my app to the PreCentral community. This was originally an iPhone app that I had been working on for about a year & I challenged myself to see if I could port it to WebOS.

    A little backstory, I was getting annoyed of having dozens of google homepage bookmarks on my iPod Touch so, I created a launcher for all of Google's Mobile Web apps

    so, without further adu, I present:

    GoogyOS Version 1.1.8 - 8/10/09

    1.1.8 is now live!

    Some things I added:
    *included the new mobile website
    *Added the new update dialog (like the one in the RSS sample app
    *fixed some of the bugs grayed out below
    *Some code cleanup & added a direct link to GoogyOS' help page
    *Added a donate link to the menu. Trying it out for now. Opinions/ideas of it are welcome

    A couple of things to fix though:
    Some mobile Versions not displaying iPhone/Android version (way to spoof iPhone Safari useragent?):
    *Books (screen flashes & then goes white)
    *Notebook (shows standard page)
    *Orkut (shows standard page)
    *Picasa Web Albums (shows standard page)
    *Sync (shows standard page)
    *Wave (shows standard page)

    *Earth & Mobile app just added for completeness for now, they don't have any functionality.
    *Need to fix "full version" page link on the mobile version (jack87)
    *help menu loads blank help page before loading url (jack87)
    *Some links give an error of "Unable to load page". Just hit reload & it should work. Not really sure why that happens. Doesn't happen all the time.

    Future things I'm going to add:
    *Need a better name, with nothing "Google" in it (Darknight)
    *Center icon titles (pyrognome)
    *help menu with topics to choose from
    *new features message (similar to the RSS sample app) thanks to Arcticus

    Very future things to add:
    *Add something to or delete Mobile App (acculver)
    *Move bookmarks around? (even possible with WebOS?) (pyrognome)
    *Move/reorder icons/buttons around JohnnyPre
    *Add glossy look to the icons/backgrounds, move icons around, custom backgrounds (Dtom2444)
    *Naming the google cards? (Vyruz Reaper)
    *Add support for Google App domains? (JoshMend)

    Feel free to post comments/ suggestions here or PM me.

    Download the latest version (1.1.8) in the Homebrew section

    Like the software that I'm developing? Feel free to donate

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    looks cool...ill give it a try
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    yea, looks pretty good. ill see how it is
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    just installed it...and i love the ui...good job
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    Thanks. Took awhile to get this first one right. I'm actually pretty sure it's easier to develop for WebOS now than when I started on the iPhone OS work. So much more straightforward.
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    looks clean and handy! THX
    SCK Manager
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    It's a very nice UI, but it would be cool if this wasnt just a launcher and it actually had more functionallity built in.
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    The GooogleSync link is dead. This app is a pretty good start, nice and pretty look.
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    Wow, now this is a good looking app. Can't wait to take it for a spin.
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    Yes. Very nice ui and looks great. I'm happy to hear that the developer didn't have too much trouble porting over from iphone. Seems like the homebrew pace has picked up in the last week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kesne View Post
    It's a very nice UI, but it would be cool if this wasnt just a launcher and it actually had more functionallity built in.
    I do have a ton of features in various stages of completion but, I felt that this was strong enough on it's own to be released now (otherwise I wouldn't released this for a few more weeks )

    Feel free throw out any suggestions/ ideas that you may have. I'm all ears
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    Omg that's freaking fantastic.

    Love the homebrew.

    Set up a paypal account for those of us in the fortunate position to show our appreciation B)
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    WOW, just WOW!!! You people are amazing.
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    Great looking app. Thanks!!
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    any chance you could have it so we can move the bookmarks around? If I wanted to organize them to my liking?
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    Very nice app. Many thanks.
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    the mobile app icon---the last p is poking out of the box. maybe center the headers for the icons?
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    Love it! Only suggestions: Add a "glossy" look to the icon/background and add a way to move/add icons around (as previously requested by pyrognome). Maybe even the ability to assign a custom background. Lol, sorry, I guess I'm going for more of an all-in-one launcher and this app is just for google related content.

    By the way, i'm sure you're aware by now, but not all the names of the icons are centered correctly, like Mobile App.
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    I bookmarked after I was logged in. It doesn't have links to everything your app does; no link to GVoice, for example. But it's handy to at least reduce some of your separate bookmarks into one.
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