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    Quote Originally Posted by shayne67 View Post
    Great app. However, Google Earth won't load for me for some reason..
    Ooops I keep forgetting to remove that. It was left over from the iPhone version of the app. Sorry. Was just included for completeness originally. It isn't linked to anything. Sorry for the confusion. This (and my other apps) might not be updated for a bit. Kinda busy with my next major app (see my sig for more details )
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    Oh, I've got some good news. I'm finishing up development on MobiOS. Should be finished in the next couple of days
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    Quote Originally Posted by eisnerguy1 View Post
    Just finished 1.1.8. Added the new Picasa url. Waiting for a mod to review it

    edit: 1.1.8 is now live! Happy downloading!
    Not working for Picasa, still goes to the old mobile site, I even cleared my cache and cookies and tried. Doesnt work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ookees View Post
    Not working for Picasa, still goes to the old mobile site, I even cleared my cache and cookies and tried. Doesnt work.
    Hrm, I did put the newer url in. Will look into that. Almost finished development with MobiOS. 2 more significant bugs left to squash & then it's done
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    MobiOS is done! This app won't be individually developed anymore. All functionality has been included into MobiOS. Head over to the forum topic for more info
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    Requesting addition of Google Finance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 17outs View Post
    Requesting addition of Google Finance!
    I've tried to. I can't add a mobile site that doesn't exist though Will keep searching for a solution though

    Oh & please redirect any suggestions/requests to the MobiOS topic. MobiOS contains GoogyOS, WindyLive, YahooyOS & AOLMobile (my unreleased app). All updates to GoogyOS will be within this new app of mine.
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    Any way to re-arrange the buttons? or request it. Otherwise, really like this app!
    ***I Twitter***

    Stop complaining & start doing ---> Leave feedback/suggestions for Palm here
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    How about adding a way to view only certain links, for example, i never use blogger or google SMS, so why even show them? maybe shove the option under preferences?
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    I need some help, I updated to 1.4 and when I use google voice from googyOS Under contacts, I can only see the first three but I can search by name and they are there. Also when I click on a contact to see the contact page under that person name, I have a white square over all the info and I can only see half of the first number and sms button. I deleted and reinstalled without success.
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