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    Want a way to find your local IP on your Pre? You can find your external IP by visiting some websites, but if you are behind a NAT you will not easily know. Now this will show you what your IP is based on how you are connected!

    A "Refresh" button is provided (for those control freaks), but not needed.

    Future plans:
    Add new features as I find them or suggested.

    Please report any bugs that you find to:

    Licensing Conditions:
    This application can not be redistributed without permission (use email link above), and the source code is open source.

    None at this time.
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    Any issues?
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    works fine on my pre
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    Works and looks good, thanks.
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    Works great. Are you able to add usbnet adresses?
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    Currently, the built-in palm services do not show anything outside these three interfaces. Once I figure out how to access system calls to pull data, I have a LOT more planned for this and some other apps.

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