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    Moderator Note:
    This thread is about developing a specialized eBook reader that can be used by anyone.
    Any post about anything other than this eBook development will be deleted.

    This is a simple bible application. it has all of the old and new testament books based on the king james version in it at present. we plan to incorporate many more features into it over time, like easier chapter/verse navigation, bookmarks, annotations, reading lists, not to mention trying to get other translations and even other religious texts. lots to do, but we are starting simple.

    Download the latest version from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: simple bible

    VERSION 0.10.6 available - (9/27)
    • translations! we now allow for multiple translation, by the beginning of october, we will have netbible and asv translations available. we would like to give a BIG THANKS to dsei from the forums for helping us redo the formatting of all 3 versions of the bible with scripts to automate it all!!
    • bookmark for setting your current position quickly and jumping back to it
    • screen orientation header bar bug fixed
    • screen orientation positioning bug mostly fixed, now your position does not jump so much, we just can't make it perfect until a newer developer kit is released with better support for positioning
    • Resume from previous button to return you to where you were when you last closed the bible
    • known bug - removing translations does not work 100% yet, but we thought adding would be so important to everyone that deleting can come later...

    VERSION 0.9.4 available - (8/17)
    • remembers which testament and book you were last reading
    • testament switching button in the reading scene

    VERSION 0.9.3 available - (8/10)
    • when you leave the app, it remembers which testament you were last in
    • book switching changed to a book selector popup menu
    • chapter switching changed to a chapter selector popup menu
    • orientation aware
    • font size preference
    • in the book scene, tap the screen to hide/show the command buttons (aka. full screen reading)
    • gnu gpl v3 license
    • new icon

    VERSION 0.8.0 available - (8/3)
    • Chapter navigation
    • Smoother transition between books


    big thanks!

    there are a bunch of members to thank frankos72, colonel kernel, wonko (for starting the project and motivation), rposa, sirwill, and the list goes on from there. check out the progression of the app in these 2 posts: Convert HTML archive to app? and Pre's First Bible App.

    i am hosting the source code from all versions for download (including a pre friendly download link of the app) at this link.

    please enjoy and offer feedback. it has been a pleasure working on this app.
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    Also, while your there, please rate our App. The apps are displayed on the Homebrew Apps page by the order of their ratings. If we can get high enough we will be on the 1st page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    thanks to all those who have participated.
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    YIPPEE!!! So glad this is out!
    I'm in a lot of places where I want to read my bible (like on the go) but I couldn't. Not to mention, reading the bible on something as shiny and awesome as the Pre makes yourself look pretty cool. XD lol

    Anyways, thanks so much! I'll probably (over)use this a ton!

    Crappy generic phone > Another crappy generic phone > Treo 700w > Palm Pre
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    Any chance for NIV and NLT???

    Thank you for this!!
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    I look forward to all the updates I love the Olive Tree on treos
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtbii View Post
    Any chance for NIV and NLT???

    Thank you for this!!
    right now it needs to be formatted somewhat specifically to look decent and eventually to navigate through the chapters with "future" controls. if there are free and openly available versions of the text in html or a database, i can work on getting them incorporated.
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    If you want to see how exciting (and frustrating) open source developing can be, take a look at this team in action over the past weeks:

    Convert HTML archive to app? and Pre's First Bible App

    This has been just amazing to watch.

    Keep it up team!

    - Craig
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    Sweeeeet Great job. Was waiting for this. Really appreciate this one. Thanks guys.
    Awesome Landscape mode, nice.
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    Thanks guys. I look forward to using this app and the improvements that will come. I also can't wait for the additional texts.
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    Great work guys! BTW, the scrolling is flawless! No hiccups at all.
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    !!!Great job!!!
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    Nice! Definately looking for an NIV version. Can't wait.
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    thanx to all for coming up with this wonderful app
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    Great job guys! All your hard work has finally paid off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtbii View Post
    Any chance for NIV and NLT???

    Thank you for this!!
    It's unlikely you will find NIV or NLT in a "FREE" Bible App unless... The data is stored on a server somewhere and only pushed to you in little pieces at a time. This is true of many of the more popular translations. So, there are only two directions for us to go if we want to include those texts in our reader.
    1. Make them a seperate module you have to purchase
    2. Make them avliable by downloading small chunks at a time. (Would require an active internet connection)
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    Love this app! Thanks. I would like to see chapter seletions instead of scrolling to find a specific chapter. Also bookmark would be nice. Keep up the good work.
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    THANK YOU! I have been waiting for this since I bought the Pre!
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    This is great. I had download .6.0 and the words were all together this makes it flow so much better. You should think about updating the thread and direct them here to download the latest version, so people won't download .0.6.0. I know it is on your last post but maybe update the first post with the information would help steer them in the right direction, that is 19 pages someone would have to read through. Just a thought
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    great work on this by everyone.
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