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    un designer, what shows in my photos is wallpapers I have about 10 different photo folders yet this is the only one it pulls from. Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    Those of you who are seeing the app correctly pulling only pictures from the Wallpaper folder:

    1) how did you install the app?
    2) is your folder called "wallpaper" or "Wallpaper" ?
    3) can you confirm that you have other folders in the Photos app and that there are pictures in there?
    1) Installed by copying the link into Filecoaster on my Pre and downloading/installing from there.
    2) My folder is called "wallpapers" (at the root level when I plug in my Pre and select USB Drive.
    3) I have a bunch of other pictures in subfolders of a folder called "Pictures" which is located at the same level as the "wallpapers" folder.

    Switcharoo has been operating as expected since I installed it early this morning. I'm on a 5-minute rotation.
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    I thought I was on to something with the Wallpaper vs wallpaper folder name, but no such luck. My pre still pulls pictures from all folders even after a reboot.
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    I've gotten this to work before, but recently I did a restore to with Webdr OS. I reinstalled this through quickinstal, but it does not switch the wallpapers...I've check the folder and everything looks good...anyone else have issues through quickinstal?

    Edit: no go using file coaster...maybe one of my hax is screwing it up? I have a custom dialpad,carrier string and icons....why would those cause problems? Maybe I made a mistake and blocked it from doing its thing...any ideas?
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    Awesome App, Love the switching. I guess I will need to go and photoshop the pics so they aren't stretched. But other than that.. Awesome App. Loving it.
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    QUESTION / Suggestion:

    Can this be modified to be a Digital Photo Frame app? Make it cycle through ALL (or specified) photo albums over different intervals (5 sec, 10 sec, etc.) while keeping the screen turned on at all times?
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    One of the best.. Simple but works like hell!!
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    Sound's cool, I'd like to see an app where people share their wallpapers... I used this one for my iPod and I just fell in love with it.
    Link to the App
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    looks interesting. thanx for the drop
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    I love this app. Everything works great for me!
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    I can't get my pre to switch the wallpaper now, and thought it was not working at all, but i wake up and it's switch the took hours to do so although its set on 5 mins....Something is conflicting with the program. Not sure what, has anyone else had issues getting it to work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    I can't get my pre to switch the wallpaper now, and thought it was not working at all, but i wake up and it's switch the took hours to do so although its set on 5 mins....Something is conflicting with the program. Not sure what, has anyone else had issues getting it to work?
    I rebooted my Pre into dev mode to install an ipk and when I went back into regular mode and ran the switcharoo app, it said it was already turned on, but it wasn't switching wallpapers. I then switched the service off and then switched it back on and then it started working again. Might try that out..
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    Great idea - was looking for this right off the bat
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    I installed via filecoaster and have a folder called Wallpaper. Works perfectly.

    So far this is my favorite app. I have a TON of wallpapers and am always switching them out.
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    Thanks everyone for your great feedback! I am going through all the information and feedback everyone gave and making a list of fixes, things to check for, and possible new features.

    The two big bugs that worry me most are the possible battery drain problem, (doing some tests now) and the problem some people see of it pulling from all their pictures rather than just the wallpapers. It is not supposed to do that.
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    Great App!! I've been waiting for one like this since I've had my Pre!! Thanks great fine on my phone as well...only pulls from my wallpapers and so far it's been running for about an hour & no real noticeable effects on battery life!
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    Great app! Sometimes the little things mean the most you know. ii

    One suggestion, please also add an option to set hours of change, What I mean is to be able to set it to not change at night etc.. Turn off from say 12:00Am to 7:00Am etc...

    Doesn't this just list itself to the cron jobs? So it should not use extra battery really except for the actual change. Or is there something else that would eat more battery?

    I also love the idea of it being able to use custom folders. So we could set it to use say Summer folder. Then we can make it use different photos at different times of day, maybe using the file name somehow.... then it could change the photos in that folder to various ones slowly getting darker etc... Maybe even by pulling in weather reports and displaying accordingly.

    Just random thoughts. ii
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    pulls from all pic folders end of story!i cant use it.
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    + infinity. Great app!
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    If you could make it possible for the end user to be able to set the times and order the wallpapers will be switched, you will officially be "the man". Attached is the wallpapers I use. If I could set the time interval for the switcharoo, my friends and fam will think that my phone knows what time of day it is and greets me accordingly.
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