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    I just tried a manual switch and it works. Restart your device and I think it should rectify the issue. What is the point of the "Don't Show Again" option? I keep getting a wall paper of Godzilla that I despise and no matter how many times I add it to the list, it finds a way of resurfacing.

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    I had done a reboot before posting, and tried selecting a local wallpaper via Screen Settings app to see if that would kick start something into action, but it wasn't working at the moment I was having the issue. It started back working maybe an hour later. Thanks for the reply.
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    well I have the free version and it works fine ? Not sure if that helps but ....
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I switched to webos 2.1 recently, and I was surprised that Switcharoo 0.9.3 (free), which I've been using happily for a long time, didn't work anymore. I searched for the update in the appstore, and there it was... an online version ! I don't mind paying for a good app that will change randomly my long searched and custom crafted wallpaper images. And certainly Switcharoo was good and worth the money. But getting pictures from an online server for every change ? With the poor battery lifespan of the Pre+, I wouldn't want to have yet another app that goes online to change backgrounds I have on my local directory, and which I download when I'm home on wifi. And what about when you're roaming abroad, with the price of data connections going through the roof ? Or do you get stuck with the same background for your whole trip because you switched off data connexions on roaming ?

    If some people like the online gig to have new images each time through an external server, and don't have battery issues, fine by them. But please, pretty lease, put back an offline feature in the app, so that we can choose a local directory to take the cycling backgrounds from.

    BTW : checked the preware catalog for the HB version : it only finds the 0.9.2, which doesn't have the "chosing you own image folder" option, and which keeps telling me that it doesn't find the image list... Any ideas ?
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    the developer of this app seems to have gone MIA unfortunately and it doesn't look like anyone's picking it up. i'm still on a sprint pre minus so i can use the homebrew version.

    to answer your question, though, try Slide RSS+ for a Switcharoo replacement.
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    For anyone looking to directly replace the original functionality of the homebrew Switcharoo, please check out Wall Switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by appsotutely View Post
    For anyone looking to directly replace the original functionality of the homebrew Switcharoo, please check out Wall Switch.
    I loved switcharoo and missed that once I went to webOS 2.0, but this definitely fills the gap, and the dev is super responsive, unlike Switcharoo where the dev has seem to gone MIA.. Anyway, for 99¢, Wall Switch is great.
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