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    Zero stars!!

    If you like a f...g annoying "DEMO version ...I will buy it" popup every single time you touch the screen this might be for you. In my view this is a NOGO, it's already uninstalled ...

    Tell us ahead of time about your stupid pop ups and save the rest of us a lot of time!
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    yes there is a problem ....... i'll fix that ....
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    waiting for palm app catalog ..... new screen shots of the last version available !
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    Lightning Impact available in official app catalog.
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    Version 0.9.1 available in the app catalog.
    Change : saves the unit state

    Lightning impact on youtube : video tour :

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    available in a few days..... in the app catalog : new major update 1.0.0 :

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    “GPS lightning impact” is an amazing app that allows you to locate lightning Impacts using GPS, in order to make your own lightning impact map around your location.

    This application calculates

    - lightning distance,
    - lightning altitude,
    - electromagnetic field created,
    - sound speed depending on the temperature,
    - lightning impact count all over the world….
    - Store all lightning impacts in a list then and create your own lightning impact map.
    - Export all your data by email to share with friends.

    Check online help for more informations…

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