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    Love that it's up and running can't wait for future update. Wish it was faster and more responsive. I played this on my brother's G1 and it's great, can't wait till this one is as good as the G1.
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    Fun! Thanks!
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    Can you send the audio to a BT headset (when paired) instead of the phone's speaker?
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    Great app, great icon, but its super laggy, so its off my pre until that's fixed. Good luck with the lag!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tont0r View Post

    I do plan on changing some stuff around though. Also I havent been able to find anything that stops the screen from scrolling. If anyone wants to give me the heads up, thanks in advance .
    Here's a fix for your scrolling woes:

    StageAssistant.prototype.setup = function() {
    	this.sceneArgs = {
    	name: 'simon',
    	disableSceneScroller: true
    Put this in your stage-assistant in place of the current setup function and you will be good to go. I tested it here and it works I just didn't want post an .ipk since it's not my program. I'll be happy to post it or email it if you want.

    BTW, thanks for the program. I used to love my simon as a kid.
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    Having trouble putting this and other apps on my phone. I got an error message.
    Couldn't find devise.
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    Great app. Thanks.
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    Great app. Downloaded with filecoaster first time. Only one problem though, my blue button doesn't make any noise. I tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling, but with no luck.
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    This app brings me back to my childhood! My only problem is the blue did not make a sound.
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    I got rid of my lag problems with my Haptic feedback in the Scientific calculator by listening to mousedown rather than click or tap. I looked at your code and noticed you're using click.

    Try mousedown and see what this does to the latency!
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I keep getting an install error from FileCoaster. I guess I am alone. I will try to figure out why and reboot if I have to.
    So i also had the same problem ... i used the file coaster looking through the list and it told me that i didn't have enough space so maybe thats your problem... hope i helped....
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    Updated thread title to remove version information.

    Version information is now maintained in the Homebrew Apps Gallery.

    Also added a note so that forum users can see in the opening post where to get future updates:

    Download the latest version from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: Simon

    - Craig
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    Hey, this would be a super-great game for the pre if you could fix the issues (lag, bad visibility of the clicks, optical polish of the buttons).
    Just a heads-up so you keep developing!
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