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    Here is a much more extended version of gDial that supports calls, sms, history view at Google Voice as well as integration of the Google Voice mobile site in case you need it.

    Download here

    Features gDial Pro:
    • FREE Unofficial Google Voice App
    • Dial contacts and new numbers
    • SMS contacts and new numbers
    • View Google Voice call/text/voicemail history
    • Access the Google Voice mobile site from within the app
    • See Name info for any contact on your Pre
    • Add a phone number to your Pre
    • Shake to reload history
    • Shake to clear phone number or SMS
    • Configurable dial tone
    • Emulates the native dialer
    • Universal Pre contact search on dialer and SMS (Just start typing a name and results will appear)
    • Dial voicemail by holding down 1 on the dialpad
    • Flick left and right on history detail to navigate forward or back
    • Favorites list for quick access to contacts

    -Major change to fix up gDial after changes at Google Voice. Please read everything below:
    Note this version and going forward will be taking a new tactic in order to provide as much stability as possible for changing Google API's all the time. Starting in 1.3.0, we will be moving more of the interface to a server side solution. So, gDial will communicate with our server (At Google's Appengine, so you can be assured of uptime) and that server will interact with Google Voice on your behalf. We are doing this so that future changes in the Google interface can be fixed on the server side and not require a new rollout of a new client and all of the time that takes. We can fix it on the server and immediately make that available to our users for better reliability.

    Great, so what does this mean for privacy? In version 1.3.0 the only interaction with our server is in 2 places. We check your email address against a list of users on our server who are part of a beta program. The second is that we pass a token from gDial to our server which exchanges this token at Google for a Google Voice token that we pass back to gDial. gDial then deals directly with Google for all other operations. Your password is never transmitted to our servers

    I wanted to be transparent about that so that everyone knows what is going on. Also, 1.3.0 is only going out to homebrew to validate that in bulk, there is no issue at Google with what we are doing. The hosting is at Google's appengine so there has been no noticable speed difference in testing.

    Because this takes server resources on an ongoing basis, we will have to charge for this ability in future releases. So it is free in 1.3.0 for testing, but as of 1.3.1, expect that there will be a monthly fee required to use the following features: web dial and SMS. Manual dialing as well as viewing history will not require this subscription. We are going to try to make this work at $1/month billed by Paypal as we figured that would cover server costs and be inexpensive enough for almost anyone wanting that Google Voice functionality. You will get some extra features with this subscription as well that are almost done beta testing if Google would stop changing things on us

    -A lot of changes to the underlying code to interface with Google Contacts and Voice
    -Stopped app from notifying of failed login when in low signal area. (Update still fails, but app will fail silently and retry at next update time)

    -Fix compatibility with Google Voice now that they completely changed their mobile client
    -Webdial is now magical and allows for direct dialing the contact.

    -Fixed bug in caching. Causes a comlete reload of contacts and history on first load, but subsequent openings should be fast.
    -New functionality in testing. Ignore the greyed out option in app menu.

    -Initial implementation of swipe to archive history
    -Modified the code for notifications to eliminate the duplicate notifications that were happening
    -Changed default history pulling to now pull inbox instead of all history (So your inbox on the web should mostly sync with the device)

    -Fix for problem where history would not show up on initial load

    -Major overhaul of background processing and memory usage

    -Fix for Google Voice change that broke prior versions

    -New advanced dialpad to allow for a user to click either phone or web dial for each outgoing call
    -Preference setting to enable advanced dialpad

    -Fix for favorites scene issue
    -Recentered dialpad

    -Now plays the voicemail even when in silent mode
    -Speed optimizations
    -Reopens to the last view you were looking at for those of you just wanting visual voicemail

    -Fixed dialer screen for Pixi
    -Added in the rest of the icons for history
    -Changed compilation to use the new Google Closure jsjsjs $compiler$ (

    -Icons on list/detail page for most history items (Missed and recorded are coming soon)
    -Added preference to turn off notifications while program is running
    -Changed the 'Shake to Clear' feature to be an option instead of defaulting it to on
    -Advanced button in preferences now changes its text based on the state of hide/unhide
    -SMS Scene fixed for smaller Pixi height (Still working on the dialer screen though)

    -Fixed bottom menu disappearing sometimes
    -App maximizes when notification is clicked
    -Added in support for gdial.patch attached to the app thread which enables the replacement of the default dialer and SMS in the universal search on the device

    -Attempted volume fix for people with low volume issues
    -Fixed bug when clicking detail on an item that was not voicemail
    -I would like to get this release out to the Palm App Catalog, so please let me know immediately on any bugs

    -Voicemails now play within gDial Pro
    -Automatic cleanup of the voicemail files from your Pre
    -Fix for bug where voicemail wasn't fully downloaded before playing it

    -Special surprise to make webOS 1.2 pain worthwhile
    -You can now listen to GV voicemails from within gDial Pro
    -Will look at making the listen a tad more integrated in future versions instead of calling out to media player

    -Small update to fix bug for people who use a google app hosting email address for Google Voice

    -Fix for lots of performance issues and webOS 1.2 user/pass failure issues

    -Web dial notification indicates the number dialed
    -When you click a notification, it highlights the new rows
    -Added more help to preferences
    -Fixed minor spacing issue in history
    -Fix for timer issue
    -(Note: It seems as if there is a memory leak in webOS1.1, the issue seemed to be fixed in 1.2 when it comes out)

    -Fix for polling issue

    -Removed notification when you send SMS
    -Fix to remove whitespace from begin and end of some text messages
    -Remove flick to switch screen as it is buggy
    -SMS detail view now has different background color for SMS based on whether you sent or received it

    -Modified history summary to show date smaller and also last SMS if it is an SMS history item
    -Added in faster history refresh while app is running
    -Added swiping to switch between main screens (Caveat to this is that on history, the list eats the swipe so it doesn't work on that screen )
    -Changed the display of the add number to contact button on history detail

    -Fixed SMS sorting again in the history
    -Added in '+' support in dialing and SMS in universal search
    -Dashboard shows even when program is running
    -Require Google User/Pass and cell number when loaded
    -Show a progress spinner on SMS send

    -New SMS's update the timestamp in history so they move the item to the top
    -Fixed SMS field length to be shorter, but expanding
    -Major revamp of preferences to hide advanced details by default and only ask for basic info
    -Automatically pull in the Google Voice number of the user from the GV website once the login/pass is given
    -Fixed entering numbers in the search to show either Dial or SMS based on which one you are doing
    -You can now add contacts to favorites from the favorites screen
    -Fix for some contacts being found in search but it wouldn't show their name on the results

    -All new users default to webdial
    -Help messages in the preference menu for non-self explanatory items
    -New voicemails cause a notification message
    -Check for internet connection before updating data
    -Change default delay to 3 for maximum compatibility
    -Allow 7 digit dialling (Assumes the prefix of your GV number)
    -Fix for bug when cancelling from address book displaying cancel in the TO area
    -GUI fixes to fit within the Palm UI recommendations

    -Fixed search results to show up with underlines to match Palm search
    -Fix for other phone type showing 2
    -Fix the @ symbol issue with it not showing up as 0 on the dial
    -Manual history refresh option in the menu (Icon to come at some point)
    -Dialer doesn't auto-dial when picking from list in case you hit the wrong contact
    -SMS field auto-grows to fit text
    -SMS will notify you when your text will take more than 1 message to deliver
    -Added in cancel options to favorites popups

    -Notification when your username/password are incorrect
    -Tapping the number area will open the address book as well as clicking the address book
    -You can now type actual digits in the universal search
    -Cleaned up the detail screen to provide more room for SMS and Voicemail (Thanks peterweb)
    -Fixed issue with universal search sometimes overwriting screen improperly
    -Fix for wrong command button showing as pressed when opened from notification
    -Fix for favorites being added even when cancelled

    -Skipped ahead a few minor point releases in prep for app catalog
    -New icons to better match the look and feel of the app
    -Fixed misaligned highlighting on dial presses
    -Audio feedback option for notifications
    -Fixed redial to work more like Palm dialer
    -Added 30 minute and 1 hour notification intervals

    -Fix to favorites page not working for SMS
    -Fix to favorites photos overrunning row borders
    -Fix to favorites photos when photo is empty
    -Background updating now only notifies on new SMS or missed calls as you know when you placed a call or talked The history still updates for other types just doesn't notify
    -Fix for issue when clicking notification with gDial open and it would mess up the scene stack

    -Background updating now implemented. Edit polling time in preferences. You can close out the program and it will still let you know when new Google Voice history is available
    -When viewing a history detail item, status polling is accelerated so that you can go into SMS history, write a new message, and then return to the detail and it will poll for new messages
    -A lot of under the hood changes to support background running.
    -WARNING: This version has major changes to underlying code so if you are dependent on a stable gDial Pro, do not install until we get feedback from users on initial issue

    The next minor update will include any bugfixes for this as well as some of the accumulated bug fixes that I have gotten from the thread so don't think I ignored the bugs from favorites and what not, just needed to get the code base stable again to be able to do minor fixes

    -Dialing 1 and hitting call will now dial voicemail as well as holding down on 1
    -Pressing the dialer button will redial the last number called if there is no number entered
    -Contact photo on favorites list now
    -Overhaul of GVoice history loading(This was a major refactor and is done to support the periodic polling for new history. Please let me know on any issues with history before I move forward with the polling.)

    -Added in favorites list for you to save out frequent contacts for faster dial
    -Fixed issue when phone number is empty on dial and SMS

    -SMS Character count shown
    -Contact photos now show in their history detail
    -Flicking left and right on history detail will move forward and backward in history
    -Major code cleanup(Should be no impact to users, but please let me know if anything starts behaving strangely as the cleanup touched a lot of files)

    -If you use the address book on the top right to pick a contact and they have only one phone number, it will auto fill the phone number into the dialer instead of showing the dialog for choosing which number to dial
    -Fixed the history tab leaking which would leak some history from all into SMS, etc.
    -Holding the voicemail button will now dial the PIN if you have one
    -Fix for buttons being stuck down visually

    -The history screen now remembers your last filter and maintains it the next time you visit the history
    -Option provided to allow for vibration feedback on keypresses for the dialer. Look in the preferences to turn it on
    -Button presses on dialer now have a visual effect when pressed
    -Brand new icons on the bottom of the main screens

    -More performance enhancements
    -Changed the dial pad graphic

    -Performance improvements to make it usable for large contact lists
    -Universal search functionality changed to match Palm's method

    -Better integration for non-webdialers. No need to press the call button anymore after being sent to the dialer
    -Dial pad and SMS screen now hide while using universal search
    -Now integrates with Native Pre contacts. No more using Google Contacts only for universal search and history.

    -Added in text prompting user to type names on dial screen
    -Remove the toggle for Google Contacts. They are on all the time now
    -I think the centering is fixed for top and bottom menus
    -The top item in universal search is selected by default and pressing enter dials/SMS's it

    -Added in universal search to SMS messaging
    -Hold down the 1 on the dialer to call voicemail
    -Universal search now shows matching text with underline
    -Universal search allows you to dial numbers from the key pad as well as screen
    -Fix for history loading speed (Again, let me know whether this fixes the slow history scroll)
    -Remove border around the phone number to fix alignment issues
    -Fixed an issue with shaking on the dialer not resetting the backspace graphic to the address book

    -Now added universal search to the dialer portion. If you have Google Contacts, it will start searching as you type for matching names
    -Sped up rendering in history
    -Fix for visual style of top and bottom menu

    -Better messages when user/pass are not provided
    -Displays either the name or the phone number in the history list. Detail view of a history item still displays both
    -Reversed the SMS history in detail view for a given conversation so that the most recent message shows at the top
    -Load up to 50 history items for each filter
    -Layout cleanup on phone number entry, as well as bottom menu
    -Needed: I need feedback on the new change to show more history. I have tried to balance the responsiveness of the app with more data, but I would like some comments on how it is working for you users.

    -Fixed loading to not block UI while communicating with Google
    -Default username to if no domain entered.
    -Fixed dial pad graphic to not repeat
    -Added in shaking to reset the dialer and SMS value to blank
    -You can now shake while viewing a detailed record and it will update. So if you are viewing recent SMS and send a new one, then shake on the detail record it will update with the latest outgoing text.

    -Fix for the number 7 issue in call history
    -Dialer modified to emulate native dialer
    -SMS messages cleared when successfully sent
    -Changed icon in SMS screen to match the address book of the dialer
    -Ring tone sounds can be enabled and disabled for gDial for when you touch the screen for dialing. Note: this does not allow you to disable the dialer sounds that take place when the native dial calls into Google Voice.
    -Added in fix for contact loading issue when leaving preferences

    -Google Voice contacts now properly load and identify numbers in your history
    -Added shake to reload history
    -Ability to add a number from your history to a new Google Contact
    -Added backspace button to the touchpad dialer

    -Beginnings of Google Contacts support. Currently any history from one of your contacts will show their name with the history
    -Changed web dialing and sms notifications to banners instead of alert box
    -Sped up the loading of the app
    -Fixed bug with history and tags
    -SMS UI fixed to remove overlap (Still sort of tight here and I will make future changes to address this)

    -Display your SMS history
    -View transcript of your received voicemail
    -Changed interface to dark styling
    -Added in a dial pad

    -Error messages on failed SMS and web dialing. Please post in the thread if you have any errors with SMS or web calls and let me know what the error message says
    -Fixed a bug with the SMS message field not expanding properly
    -The history page now lets you filter your history to view just voicemails, or sms, or missed calls as well as a complete history
    -Some performance fixing changes

    -Notification when SMS is sent
    -About screen added
    -History loading now indicates it is loading with a spinner
    -Nice new app icon
    -Cleaned up preferences
    -Added in option to turn on web dialing which will have Google Voice call your phone and then call the target number. It avoids the beeping in your ear of the dialing out, but the phone will ring when Google calls you, so pick your poison.

    -Fix for some issues that occur when you are not on wifi
    -Fix for blank screen after SMS send

    Also, I wanted to comment on pricing/donations/etc. This app is intended to be free now and also once we are able to release it to the Palm App Catalog, so you don't have to worry about getting too attached to it and then being charged as it is going to be free forever.

    Troubleshooting thanks to johnsongrantr:
    First is first and very important
    *****make sure you actually have a google voice account and have set it up via google voice website's tutorial where you register your mobile phone for first time*****

    next basic settings to check within dkGV and gDial
    -make sure you enter your GV account correctly,
    -make sure you enter your GV password correctly
    -make sure you enter your GV number correct and complete exp 2225551234 no dashs
    -make sure your mobile number is correct in gDial 2225551234 no dashes
    -make sure your mobile phone is registered with google voice
    -make sure calls are forwarded to your mobile phone
    -turn off "do not disturb" on GV website under settings
    -make sure you have a decent data connection, if all else fails use wifi for testing
    -after you hit dial, wait for the phone call from your google voice number before doing anything else, could take up to 1 min but average is 5-10 sec

    use these advanced trouble shooting steps if all settings are correct (actually verify these, don't just assume they are ok)

    -make a test call via as this is the same website both applications talk through, if your phone rings it's in the mobile app not with your settings

    -reinstall the applications, manually delete them in software menu on pre, then use installer such as "WebOSQuickInstall" to reinstall.

    -use webdoctor to completely wipe your pre and start from scratch *make sure you back up your phone numbers and private information before doing this*

    Hope this helps anyone that's having problems getting this to run, I'll also post this in both program's forum to help resolve problems users have running either program
    Please feel free to make suggestions and comments.
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    looks SMOOTHHHH!!!! Bout to give it a go right now. THANKS!
    SCK Manager
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    That looks freaking great.
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    nice job
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    I love the GV mobile site integration. This is a polished product.
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    looks awesome. I'm trying this one out
  7. LinT's Avatar
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    FYI after sending SMS it just goes to a blank screen. the sms doesnt get sent.
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    Great app, cant wait to port my # over to Google Voice to really take advantage of it.

    Just out of curiosity, is this the same way the app works on a Blackberry or Android phone. does it have to dial you google voice # first and then pause and dial the # you want to call? I was hoping it would work a little bit more like the website where you can initialize a call from the web and route it to one of the phone #s you ave associated with your account. So when you initialize it from your cell phone by default it would route to your cell phone, could even have it auto answer you caller id from your google voice #. Would be more like making a standard call, faster too.
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    Ah - very nice. I'll try it out today.
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    Very impressive. It would be slick if you could import the text messages / transcriptions to a table view like you do with the call history, rather than the mobile site.
    Thank you so much for your work on this. It's now my most used app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    FYI after sending SMS it just goes to a blank screen. the sms doesnt get sent.
    Same here.
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    looks good
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    Quote Originally Posted by WillJitsu View Post
    Same here.
    it does goes to a black screen, but the sms was send
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    SMS worked for me. Great job!
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    This is such a great app! I have been waiting for some time for a good GV app, and you hit it on the head! Thanks!
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    yea i'm getting the blank screen also but the sms is being sent out
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    Question. When you make a voice call through this app does it go out over the voice network, or the data network?
  18. intlstyle's Avatar
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    will give it a go, is this a seperate service from google or is it all free?
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    Very nice work. The SMS works for me as well, although I get stuck at the blank screen like other folks. But aside from that, great work.
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    what's to point of this app, I guess I'm just wondering what does it do easier that I aleady can't do.
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