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    I hate to be bumping this thread, but I would like the ipk as well.

    gDial pro is still a great program. Web dial was only part of the attraction, but the full contacts integration makes this program a keeper. Besides, I set my GVoice number as my Home number in my Sprint2Home plan, so the voice dial is all I use anyway!
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    can i get the link as well? also anyone have the ipk for visual voicemail? thanks!
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    I had to replace my PRE since sprint couldnt make things work anymore .. and I lost my gdial ... please please send me the IPK too!
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    Had to replace my pre and lost gdial Please send me IDK
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    +1 just lost mine... can i have idk please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phattire View Post
    Does anyone have the 1.2.5 ipk file they could post/send? I don't see that one listed on the archive page.
    I too would like to know where to download the 1.2.5 ipk. Had to reset my phone and was ****ed to see gdial pro missing
    I use it to dial all the time so tenants and telemarketers don't get my real number.
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    You're SOL on the dialing aspect of it. The whole point of it being discontinued is Google keeps messing with Voice so that it keeps breaking the programs ability to work with it. It can only be used for visual voicemail which is why people are clamoring for it. Your best bet is the mobile website for dialing.
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    You can still use the dialing part of gdial just not the web based version. I still use it daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    You can still use the dialing part of gdial just not the web based version. I still use it daily.
    This has always confused me. What is the difference between the two? (In terms of function)
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    The dialing part will go to the Pre phone dialer and dial the codes and numbers for you automatically. You hear the tones and hear the lady say this is a free call. Little annoying but still free. Web dialer would dial the number and then ring your phone that option is gone now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by christefano View Post
    One of our Pres had filesystem errors and needed reformatting. Fortunately, I still have gDial Pro on a good Pre. It took me a minute to figure this out but manually copying it over has worked for me, even without the original IPK.

    This is gDial Pro 1.3.0 (not 1.3.1 which was the last version before it was discontinued in February).

    1. Download gDial Pro 1.3.0 and unzip the archive.

    2. Copy the "com.palm.natebiz.gdial-pro" folder to:

    3. Copy everything else to:

    If I'm asked to, I'll remove the download. I can't promise anything other than that.
    Ok, so I used WOSQI to send the individual files to the /../usr/lib/ipkg/info/ directory, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to send the folder to /../usr/palm/applications/. Everytime I drag the folder to the box in WOSQI, it says access denied. Can I do this this way, or do I have to do it from the linux command line? Thanks in advance.
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    it cant handle SMS anymore can it?
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    Here's the download link:
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    I have the Gdial Pro 1.3.2 if anyone has Visual Voicemail, please let me know!!!

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    You ROCK!!! I never used the web dial, I just use the dial in dialer so it never lost functionality for me. I was worried if I botched something while tinkering and had to Dr. my Pre I'd lose this. It is my most used app.
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    What is the difference between these two versions?

    Thanks for the post above for 1.3.1.

    If anyone has 1.3.2, care to PM me the .ipk so that I can test out the differences for myself?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I too would really appreciate the Visual Voicemail ipk i have been searching forever!
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    I'm new to Gdial, just installed via the 1.3.2 ipk. I'm having trouble seeing notifications, especially when a new voicemail arrives. Is/was this supposed to work? Are there some settings I need to change? Maybe this is broken now
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    Is visual voicemail the only diff for 1.3.2, and it doesn't work, is that what i'm hearing?
    If someone could clarify that, and especially if someone could post a link, that would be greatly appreciated!
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    Got a new Pre and need this app back, where do I redownload it from?

    never mind the web based app works fine.
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