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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodWulf View Post
    When starting a new round this morning and selecting Back 9, the app put me on Hole 1 instead of Hole 10. After completing my 9 holes I also noticed the scorecard is showing an entry for Hole 5, which I know I never selected. Any way to remove that from the scorecard? Sprint launch day Pre 1.4.5, GPF v1.2.3.
    What was the course?
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    Quote Originally Posted by moserjj View Post
    What was the course?
    Course ID 27716
    Normanside County Club
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    Any plans for an export feature of some kind?
    I'm playing a lot this year and while e-mailing a scorecard is nice, being able to export all of my rounds via csv so i can pull them into a spreadsheet would be great.

    This is especially true since GPF did not migrate over to the Touchpad. While the TP doesn't really do GPS so can't be used for playing, it also means we can't review our previous rounds.
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    I played Pine Hill Golf Course in Orrington, ME this morning and the course would not come up on my Pre2. All of the other local courses were showing but couldn't get Pine Hill. I tried to add it but I couldn't. Am I doing something wrong?
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    I would recommend going to the BBGPSGolf site and using the editor there to mark the course. I started mapping a few courses directly with GPF while playing and always ended up having to finish it from the website. I don't remember the exact errors (maybe earlier in this thread), but marking the course from the website is really easy since it utilizes Google maps.
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    Found the golf course I'm playing at tomorrow had not been completely mapped, so I just did it from the BBGPSGolf site (with some help from the Golf Link course flyover). About an hour later, the course was available for GPF, so I'm all set for tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it out!
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    Anyone else having less accuracy after new Bing maps installation? I used to get +/- 3.3 yards, and now it's usually 10+ yards. Just wondering if it's just me...
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    The courses I have added at BBGPSGolf are not showing up for download. Anyone else having this problem? Last summer it only took a matter of minutes to create a course and find it for download. Is there a problem at the BBGPSGolf site?
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