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    Everything was working fine until i made a text shortcut. Now i cannot recieve or send text to that contact. I have deleted it rebooted pre, did partial erase and still not working. I can text to everyone else with no problems but to the contact that i have made the shortcut for is still not working.i have deleted that contact and re inputed it as well and it still doesnt work. Even if i just type the phone number it doesnt work. Any ideas?
    Derrick, do you know which text shortcut you used? I had that issue pop up, but as hard as I tried, I had not been able to reproduce it. I tried dozens of test cases and came to the conclusion it was a coincidence. The bad news is, I had to wind up doing a complete device reset. I tried to recover from this by deleting the account with that contact and reentering it, same issue, although it worked fine while the account was missing. I even played with deleting all the data that I could from the internal Palm Databases with no luck.

    The only thing I didn't try was actually deleting the contact and recreating it with a slightly different name. Try that, it's inconvenient but may work.

    I've been using my text shortcuts (both kinds) after reset with no issues at all. Feel free to email me and we can work together to try to fix this. I apologize if it was the result of my app.
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    Some new features coming soon are shortcut to New Note and shortcut to new Calendar Event.
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    Just an update on my issue. Tried everything I could think of and still didnt fix it. Ended up using webos doctor to start over. Kind of scared to try it again but I really was diggin this app you made until that happened.thnx anyway.
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    What is the difference between the 2 sms links?
    Laissez Faire
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    Handy app - thanks!
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    I'm having the same text issue!! I cannot send or receive from the person and I even changed the name. Super confused if I should hard reset or just wait for a fix?

    I used the first text shortcut to
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    I love the quick dial feature. I've been wanting this from day 1 and this works exactly as I had hoped. One feature request would be to add a contact lookup so we could select the contact name and number of the contact and at the same time use the contact picture for the shortcut.
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    Great App, can't wait for update.
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    Partial erase fixes sms issue
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    I am glad that now I just have a shortcut for the developer mode, instead of a whole separate app; however, I think I found a bug. I had the dev mode shortcut, and then one day, it disappeared on its own. I re-added it and its fine now, but I don't know what caused it to check out temporarily.
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    I have the same problem. I've added it 2 times now, and it is currently gone. I would like it to stick around for a while!
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    This seems to be a problem only with the Dev Mode shortuct, and it only occurs on the reboot of the phone. I also tried it with a phone dialer shortcut, and it was NOT removed.
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    It seems to be related to the apps that hidden by default, I'm doing some experiements to try to get them to stay. Any shortcuts to these apps dissappear, if I cant solve that I have a workaround that should work fine.
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    I love this app. I used it to make amy first launcher page a speed dial page. It would be nice if I could choose a picture from my photos or a contact as the launcher icon...
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    Working on the pictures
    Also toggles for BT, WiFi, GPS as well.
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    Would be nice to fit more than 4 shortcuts on the Quick Launcher. Nice app.
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    great app thanks
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    Hoping for an update to the SMS shortcuts
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    How do you delete a shortcut? They do not seem to be in the app launcher installed apps and I see no option in the shortcut app itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NetWhiz View Post
    How do you delete a shortcut? They do not seem to be in the app launcher installed apps and I see no option in the shortcut app itself.
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