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    yowza. new version is a lot tougher. Best I've gotten so far is 15, since the update.
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    lol, after that last post, I decided to fire it up and try to do a little bit better.
    Got lucky:

    Also, is there any chance to get other developers to use the hard keys as controls? I like the breakout game alright, but I'd prefer it if I could use Q and P to move the paddle Left and Right. Right now, imho, this is one of mouseburglar's greatest strengths - the keypad controls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgordonfan View Post
    Not really. Fallen cheated in a way. Its a glitch that you can take advantage of very easily. Big bug btw the way phenom (still best game though)

    The glitch: when a laser is going towards either of the arrow zones make the arrows disappear. As the laser is in the 'arrows' zone turn the arrows on again and sometimes the laser will get trapped and go off the screen permanetly and does not respawn again. I could tell fallen used this glitch because there are way less lasers on there than should be. I believe phenom said the max was 10. So you can, if you wanted, get rid of 9 lasers and collect as many diamonds as you want and then commit suicide with the only remaining laser.

    So....beestinga you look like the winner so far. I may be wrong but 144 seems a little too good. Dontcha think?

    P.s. Fallen, if you didn't use this glitch then ignore everything above and I'm sorry . Its just that I only counted 4 lasers on your picture. Then again I only count 6 on beestinga's......hmmm. If I'm wrong on any of my accusations then let me say I apologize to both of you ahead of time. It just seemed and looked a little suspicious.

    Btw I typed all of this on my pre in under 5 min. I love my pre
    I did not use that glitch but I have noticed that all the lasers do not all ways spawn. So when trying to remember that game, it did seem a bit too easy. My 44 definitily had 10, though
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    Yeah, all ten lasers do not always spawn, I just got 75 but there were only 8 lasers out.
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    I somehow missed the updates until now. I like that you can customize the backround and arrow keys very much.
    As others have said, that game is much harder now. As far as I can tell, every time you get a diamond another one appears(witch when you get to the high teens makes the game lag), and the playing field is smaller now.

    Something that as always puzzled me, though, is that the lasers collide, I know its just a game, but it does not make much sense. Also when you get up too the high teens, you have to constantly weave between that lasers, witch would not be too hard if that did not collide. You have to be so close to them all the time, if they collide your screwed, there is nothing you can do it about. Also is there a cap on the lasers? because if you could theoretically get up too 50, would not be fiscally impossible not to die, wouldn't the lasers cover the hole screen?

    All that being said, I like the game, I don't want to seem harsh, you have put a lot of work into to it, and I'm grateful. I just think that game is I little too hard right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beestinga View Post
    excellent work phenom.

    Just had to poke my head in here to share 2 things:

    this is by far my favorite app,, but how did they get this arrow configuration???
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmpdaddyt View Post
    this is by far my favorite app,, but how did they get this arrow configuration???
    The arrows are sprites positioned using the GMP game engine.

    Also posted mini-update v0.7.2 - option for maximum laser # and fixed a bug where diamonds would appear a little off screen. Get it here!
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    thanks for the update! I was beginning to think that you'd forgotten about us.
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    Wow GrEaT!!! I love the accelerometer. PLease don't change the safe zone!!! I like that, especially when you have a high score, and all of the lazers are coming at you, noticed that when the lazers kept bouncing off of the screen, well, one hit me. Are you going to do the high score thing?? I would like to have that. Just got the game today, tonight, but I read through all of the comments, and they kinda ended in Aug... I hope you still work on this, it is a great game. I'm going to check if you have other games. The Color change thing would be kind of nifty and the analog stick kinda nifty, but those are just nifty, a real must is the high score board... especially since so many ppl are posting pics of their screenshots. I kind of forgot how to do that, but will find out again... GREAT GAME, KEEP IT UP!!! I can't believe this was your first game, it was such a hit!!! I wonder how your others will turn out. Now i have to ban myself from this game till I finish my hw. Due by midnight... Physics... So Keep up the good work...and PLZ do the high score thing, best possible thing...
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    Ooh, me likes... This app rox mah sox
    Thanks App Creators...
    Thanx pre for making an OPEN phone!!!
    This is the best thing one could do 2 a phone!
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