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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom0420 View Post
    It's coming. Currently working out the kinks with cookies and accelerometer support.
    Thanks for the update. Accelerometer support sounds so cool btw . Hopefully it'll be here soon but take your time
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    Figured out a way to handle the cookies, which will at least work for the time being. Look for an update within the next couple of days.
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    As an idea for the future, maybe for the sound track allow people to play music straight from their Pre music collection much like the Microsoft ZUNE does when playing games on it. Love the game, its my favorite time killer on the Pre aside from cruising this site =P Can't wait for accelerometer support the updates-to-come sound awesome.
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    I'll be seeing you *****es on the high score board once it gets set up.
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    Also, Phenom:

    Do you plan to open-source this project at any time? I've got some functionality that I think might be neat, but I'm not really one to issue demands to a guy who's already done a lot of work and already has his own ideas and things to do, etc.
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    Not sure yet Beestinga - but please don't worry about 'issuing demands'. I love hearing others ideas (the main concept for this game wasn't actually mine, but my boyfriends.) Go on and spout away - I decide what to implement and in what time it takes me to do it.
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    oh.then I guess I may have been presumptuous in referring to you as a dude.
    Or you may be a dude and I'm being presumptuous in thinking that you're not because you have a boyfriend.
    Whichever the case - sorry.

    Anyway, the added feature that I was thinking of was a "survival" mode, where there's no diamonds, but more lasers are spawned with time, moving at increasing speed, and you're scored based on how long you last.
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    Haha no apologies necessary - btw, yes I am a guy.

    And that's a nifty idea, actually. I could make each mode it's own scene.

    PS Anyone willing to test this accelerometer support? I cant myself.
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    I'll check it out. I think I still have the ipk installer on my laptop at home.
    I've been using filecoaster so much, it's become kind of antiquated.
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    All right - thank you. Check out your PM inbox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom0420 View Post
    It's coming. Currently working out the kinks with storage and accelerometer support.
    Please let me test too! Thanks for the hard work
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    your mouse didn't have anything to do with this, did he?

    Gimme a cut and I'll keep it secret.

    "Congrats! You collected $66 mill in diamonds! Click here to restart."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beestinga View Post

    I'll be seeing you *****es on the high score board once it gets set up.
    Quote Originally Posted by fallen View Post
    I think fallen got the highest score (for now)
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    Not really. Fallen cheated in a way. Its a glitch that you can take advantage of very easily. Big bug btw the way phenom (still best game though)

    The glitch: when a laser is going towards either of the arrow zones make the arrows disappear. As the laser is in the 'arrows' zone turn the arrows on again and sometimes the laser will get trapped and go off the screen permanetly and does not respawn again. I could tell fallen used this glitch because there are way less lasers on there than should be. I believe phenom said the max was 10. So you can, if you wanted, get rid of 9 lasers and collect as many diamonds as you want and then commit suicide with the only remaining laser.

    So....beestinga you look like the winner so far. I may be wrong but 144 seems a little too good. Dontcha think?

    P.s. Fallen, if you didn't use this glitch then ignore everything above and I'm sorry . Its just that I only counted 4 lasers on your picture. Then again I only count 6 on beestinga's......hmmm. If I'm wrong on any of my accusations then let me say I apologize to both of you ahead of time. It just seemed and looked a little suspicious.

    Btw I typed all of this on my pre in under 5 min. I love my pre
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    my attempt was legit. I guess my other lasers were behind the "restart" sign, which may well be the case for fallen's as well.

    I hope phenom doesn't mind my saying (if he does, I'll edit this post), but the bug persists in dev versions that allows the user to make lasers disappear, but accelerometer support is coming along well. That's actually how I first discovered it; by making lasers disappear rotating b/t portrait and landscape mode.

    Phenom's been working hard to add a lot of functionality into the next version, and I won't steal his thunder by giving too much away, but I think you guys are going to like it.
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    Updated thread title to remove version information.

    Version information is now maintained in the Homebrew Apps Gallery.

    - Craig
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    I had a feeling that yours was legit beestinga. I'm more suspiciois about fallen's score though
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    Hey everyone - uploaded v0.7.0! Go check it out here!
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    Wow! Amazing and job well done phenom! I love the accelerometer support, background and gosh!... A whole new menu AND soon to come highscores! I'm reall excited about this app (as you can tell ). I'd be more than happy to be a tester before you release updates...please let me test . Keep up the great work!


    So far my best is 12 in portrait.
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