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    Where do you want to Go To?

    Go To Tool (v1.2.0)
    Go To Tool Lite (v1.2.0)
    Go To Tool Demo (v1.3.1)

    This is Demo. Expires 1 Mar 2010. Go To Tool is a paid webOS application for creating, sharing, managing and finding GPS locations.

    *** NEW VERSION 1.3.1:
    -Now with full-screen map and tappable location indicators.
    -Import gpx trails.
    -This version includes alerts and notifications for any type of waypoint.

    Go To Tool VERSION 1.1.1 *****

    Quick Waypoint
    - Added scene to allow for quick marking, tagging, saving and sending your current location (email only so far). Tap 'Quick' - Tap 'Tag' - Tap 'Save'
    - Default settings show Quick Waypoint at launch and autosave your current location with 'Other' tag.

    Map and List View
    - Added map showing multiple waypoints, current heading and optional track of where you've been.
    - Modified sort and display algorithms to avoid bogging down with tracking on.

    Alerts and Notifications
    - Dashboard Notification for Map and List view contains mini-map showing multiple waypoints and current heading. Keep your eye on the closest waypoints while multi-tasking.
    - Dashboard Notification for Go To view contains heading dial, navigation arrow, distance and waypoint name and description. Keep your eye on the target while multi-tasking.

    GPS Console
    - Added GPS Console screen for looking at raw GPS data.

    Go To View
    - Decreased dial size and move elements to adjust for different display heights (to accomodate banners and dashboards and Pixi).

    GPS Error checking
    - Added GPS error checking to all scenes.

    - Added support email link.

    Bug Fixes
    - Waypoint entry by DDD MM.mmm now allows latitudes and longitudes between 0.000 and -1.000 to be saved.

    Go To Tool VERSION 1.1.1 *****

    Go To Tool VERSION 1.0.0 ******

    Available for purchase in the app catalog! Full version now features pop-up alerts and dashboard notifications to keep you going even when app is minimized... Where do you want to Go To?

    Go To Tool VERSION 1.0.0 ******

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.2 *****

    - loosened up import even further...

    Go To page
    - Fixed Log Button

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.2 *****

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.1 *****

    - Can now import gpx files from other sources (tested with bikerag gpx)

    Go To page
    - Lock-out heading dial rotation in preferences
    - Turn off display of glass in preferences
    - Nav and Sat buttons now pass waypoint name and description

    List View
    - Distance sort more efficient

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.1 *****

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.0 *****

    - Metric/English Units
    - 2 GPS coordinate formats in the lite version

    - Can now import *.loc files (from
    - Lite version limits import to 500 waypoints

    Go To
    - Details button shows waypoint's URL in browser (cache details, etc.).

    List View
    - Distance Sort now a toggle. Be careful with too many waypints in your list!

    Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.0 *****

    VERSION 0.4.1 *****

    Import geocaching gpx files!!!
    - Put files on device's media partition via USB, import in Go To tool, see screenshot. Tested with 500 waypoint files. ***
    - Log button on

    Go To page
    - Opens in browser, focused on log page for the selected cache. ***
    - New waypoint 'near' opens in same window for easier copy/paste. ***
    - WebView control keeps browsing in the same window. Extra information captured from URL provides better integration.

    New background color and display fixes.

    VERSION 0.4.1 *****

    The application has 3 main scenes: List View, Add Waypoint, and Go To.

    The app opens in list view. All of the existing waypoints are listed and once the GPS gets a fix they are sorted by distance from the current position. You can toggle continuous sorting off and on- this is useful to know which waypoints are closest as you move around. You tap a list item to enter Go To mode. There is also a button to show the Add Waypoint scene. The list view can read waypoint import files (i.e. *.gpx for geocaches).

    For geocachers I have a button labeled 'Near' that will open the add waypoint scene and then take the current coordinates and open up the search page in the browser to find closest caches to the current location. After that it's look and type.

    When this scene is shown it attempts to get a position fix. When successful, the coordinates default to the current location. Coordinates can be entered in DDD MM.mmm format (now the default) or DDD.hhhhh format. There is also a near button that will take the current coordinates and open up the search page in the browser to find closest caches to the current location.

    In Go To view you can stop and start GPS tracking. There is a compass dial that should show your current heading (works at 3-4 mph walk but loses heading if you go slower) and a compass needle that points in the direction of the destination. If there is no heading lock then you can turn the whole phone so N lines up with North and the direction arrow will point correctly. You can also lock-out the heading dial and always point the N to North. Distance to destination is listed in the header. Some of the raw data is displayed around the compass dial. Use the back gesture to go back to list view (this stops the tracking). A 'Nav' button will launch turn by turn directions in Google Maps to get you close to waypoint and a 'Sat' button will launch Google Maps in satellite view at max zoom centered on the waypoint. Currently the app has a 'count' in the display that shows you how many tracking hits have accumulated since Go To was started. I also have a spinner that shows for 500ms when a new tracking point has been acquired.

    BTW, I emailed and they said they had their own app in dev and I could not access their web services directly.

    **** Access my application here. ****
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    Thanks, change your post to developed, not am developing.... It looks developed already
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    wow, this is really great work. i will give it a wirl this weekend with the kids. we like to go geocaching with the garmin...
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    This really is pretty slick. I don't know if the compass graphic is yours, but I really appreciate the touch of glass you added. Nice to see a bit of an aesthetic touch in an early app. Keep up the great work!
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    Ill have to check this out at home but looks great!
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    Looks like a great app so far. Is there anyway to have the app import the coords from geocaching and set up a waypoint? I usually had a ton of different caches loaded into my centro. You app has a ton of potential and is setup nicely. I just hate having to copy and I know I am a whinebag...

    But perfect app... As is, I can check off the geocache

    Now I just need an e-book
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    This is great! I was hoping for this app.
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    Looks Great. Make it easy for idiots like me.
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    Can you add a feature that lets you just use the compass?
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    Huge potential. I especially like the compass view. Handing when walking around a big city and you don't have any idea where you are.

    So I don't have a sense of direction. :-)
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    The integration with Google Maps really puts this over the top!

    Nicely done!

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    One other thing, am I the only one who can never find their car when parked in a huge mall parking lot? This tool could be perfect for something like that.
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    Just installed and played a bit with it - excellent!

    Quick suggestion: the small data feeds would be more readable with a bit of space between the text and the edge of the screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGame View Post
    Can you add a feature that lets you just use the compass?
    I 2nd this. I think a compass would be a fantastic app.
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    So far so good. I messed with it a bit tonight. Not a fan of cut and past on the Pre hopefully you can find a way to make it work without that...Great job...the graphics are top quality...probably the best that I have seen of all of the homebrew apps!
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    nice app, works very well
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    this is fantastic
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    Was playing with the GoTo Tool and works fine except there might be a memory problem. It was the only app i was running and it kept telling me that no more cards can be started because of memory. May be a memory leak.
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    Mark, Your app is looking good! I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, as I just found it and I'm currently at work, but hopefully I'll get out this weekend for some adventures.

    In the meantime, though, I had a concept that I don't want to re-draw out here. I've made a thread at:
    Do you think that such a service would be at all helpful and possible? I'm interested in getting feedback on this idea.
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    Great App clean graphics
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