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    This application is a remote control for your iTunes running on your PC or Mac. This will NOT let you stream any music. This app has two parts: server app and Pre app. These apps will let you Play/Pause, Previous track, Next track, View current song info, Show current cover art of current song playing on iTunes on your PC

    Download Here:

    EDIT 8/8 (v0.8.5):
    - Added ability to change playlist by tapping header
    - Changed auto refresh time from 5sec to 3min to save battery
    - Added manual-refresh button
    - Added ability to change volume

    EDIT 9/7 (v0.8.6):
    - Moved back expiration date to 10/1

    EDIT 9/27 (v0.8.7):
    - Moved back expiration date to 11/1
    - Resize cover art on notification so controls are not hidden

    EDIT 11/3 (v0.8.8):
    - App will not expire anymore
    - App is now open source. Feel free to modify and improve


    Part 1 -
    1) get iTunesRemote Server app to your PC with iTunes
    (server app created independently by Tim Desjardins)
    rTunes 0.9
    2) extract the .zip to your program files
    3) open port 4444 on your pc's firewall
    4) open port 4444 on your router
    5) run the server .exe
    6) run iTunes

    Part 2 -
    7) download iTunesRemote Pre app here
    8) launch iTunesRemote Pre app
    9) hit app menu > Preferences button and enter server address of the PC running iTunes (example -

    Also, Donations are greatly appreciated and will help to speed up development:
    Donations « d0lph1nK1ng Software
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    Great! Thanks
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    Very cool. I should look at the server source to see if it might be adapted for some of the standard Windows media center commands-- it would be nice to be able to run WinAmp and Windows Media Player from my phone.
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    About to try this...if this works......OMG I'm in heaven.
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    wait, didnt you make a few apps for the Instinct? you dropped you instinct for a pre as well huh?
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    a few? about 16 =] i definately did, this Pre rocks!
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    yeah, you were one of the creators of the only stocks app on there, no? Glad to have you on board for the instinct as well, you did some good work with the instinct even if the homebrew scene wasnt nearly as big as the pre
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    I just updated the .IPK file due to an error on my part. If you were one of the 4 people who downloaded it already and it isn't working, please try the new one. Thanks!
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    Rather than opening ports, can you connect the Pre to WiFi and connect to the PC internally? This would also nearly eliminate any latency. I'm not sure why one would want to control iTunes from outside their LAN, unless they could also stream the music to their Pre.
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    Looks like this isn't mac compatible. Any plans to implement this GREAT idea on the mac?
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    i ported this app over from the instinct app i wrote before, which didn't have wifi. that's a great idea, let me see how things go
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuz View Post
    Looks like this isn't mac compatible. Any plans to implement this GREAT idea on the mac?
    there is a mac version of the server app:
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    sweet app... although I have recently been trying to stop using iTunes... I suppose with 1.1 and this I'm back in the mix. Thanks!

    Edit: The screen needs to resize if a notification is present.
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    i cant wait to see where this goes, id love to see full on control of the mouse done as well. i hook my laptop up to my tv to watch movies, it would be great if i could use my pre to control my laptop without having to mess with the laptop. however, i do agree with geodim and jsabo, universal control over media players (vlc is what i really need) and access via wifi would be amazing
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    thank you will check this out
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    This is sweet except iTunes blows. Can you use it with different programs like WMP and winamp/MediaMonkey?
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    Awesome app, I was wondering how hard it would be to do something like this. I wonder if it would be easy to port the server to work also with Windows Media Player.

    One thing, just to avoid the Apple lawyers attacking you you may want to look at non-Apple icons. Great job.
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    Anyway this can be built to utilize itunes native functionality, like the iphone app does? I'm pretty sure that it uses Rendezvous. Itunes also already is listening on a port to share music etc. Just a thought, it would certainly streamline the app.

    What you have so far looks great though. This is exciting stuff.
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    +1 for winamp support. From what I've heard, the winamp api is pretty good, so it may be fairly trivial to create the server side app and you could use all the same commands from your Pre app. There's also a program I was using with PalmOS that used bluetooth for control: BTAmp. It uses the Bemused server for winamp and I think it supports other apps as well.
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