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    i follow all the steps , but im trying make this work with itunes but doesnt work .... i did install with itunes 8.0 and was working fine now i extract the zip to program files allow 4444 port in the firewall and allow in norton antivirus too also i set the ip in the rtunes app, but still no luck!!!... somebody can u give a lil help here! thanks
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    There is no Link on the Page for the App. Where can I download the app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UN-D View Post
    There is no Link on the Page for the App. Where can I download the app?
    Yep, seems to be gone both from here as well as from Preware - you get an error when trying to download it.

    I installed the server and am able to access the web server via my pre, but for some reason I can't seem to get the pre's browser to activate the buttons on the web interface. They work fine in firefox on my computer, just not on the pre...
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    not sure yet whether to put app in app catalog or keep this homebrew. Will update later and let you know
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    is it possible to code this app for winamp? i hate itunes. this would be great.
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    Any chance you can remove the expiration from this version? Love this amp and was bummed that I can't use it now
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    hey guys, i just uploaded v0.8.8 and you'll be happy to see 2 things. enjoy!

    EDIT 11/3 (v0.8.8):
    - App will not expire anymore
    - App is now open source. Feel free to modify and improve
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    Does this work on Mac?
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    You the man!
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    Terrific app! With rTunes running on my Mac and a couple of Airport Expresses, I now have whole-house music!
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    can't wait till my pre gets here on monday!! can't wait to use this
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    Hello, i just want to thank you for the nice APP. I tested it today together with iTunes It worked very well *thumps up*
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    This is cool. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuthroat View Post
    Does this work on Mac?
    Ok, after messing around with this for a while and not having any luck on my mac(osx 10.5.8) I did this;
    Went to system preferences>security>firewall
    Once on firewall click on "Set access for specific services and applications"
    Clicked on the "+"
    Added rtunes in
    Opened itunes and everything worked perfect.
    Hope this helps out
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    need a picture how to run this application
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    Alright, I have been messing with this app on my phone and computer for quite some time and it's getting annoying. I downloaded the iTunesRemote on my palm pre and the only remote app I found on iTunes. I can't get to any files from this app to extract, I really can't do anything on my computer with the remote app I downloaded, (right clicked it and all it gives is "get info" which is nothing. WHAT am I doing wrong?
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    Is the current version of iTunes ok 910.5.1.11? or do I have to roll back to version 9.1 of iTunes? Which version is compatible??

    My server (home computer -Windows XP) an IP address is running the rtunes server (vers I've opened port 4444 on the windows firewall to allow this addy, but when I launch rtunes server I get the following: Serving HTTP on port 4444 Default Index index.cheetah … nothing happens….and I have to shutdown the app. the Preap I'm running on my Touchpad is

    what do I need to do to get this working?

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