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    I don't have a need for this app but installed anyway just to play with it. Installed easily and worked over WiFi and EVDO connection. Running Windows XP SP3 and Linksys WRT160N router.

    Great work d0lph1nK1ng!!

    One warning, this sucks the life out of the Pre's battery. Looks like it's interacting with the rTunes server every 5 seconds getting song info and album art (this was with the screen on). With the screen off the interaction was between 5-10 seconds. Pre gets nice and warm.

    Now get crackin on posting your Google Voice app
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    i dont get it
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsabo View Post
    True, but when you're not in the same room as your remote, you probably have your Pre on you...
    Mine is usually next to my TS or on it when I'm at home.... the other issue I see with this app is you have your stereo cranking out w/e itunes is playing you have no wifi(i know but still) and you get a phone call running around trying to turn off stereo and answer the phone WEEEE!!!
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    Add me to the list of people that would love to see this work for non-itunes based players. Great work though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duncdamonk View Post
    I don't use iTunes (Zune anyone?) but I'll definitely have to give this one a go when I get home. Thanks!
    Zune FTW

    Would love a verson for the Zune software or WMP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p4trickh View Post
    I'm having the same problem. rTunes opens, bounces on the dock a few times and then goes unresponsive. Seems to be more a problem for the developer of rTunes than DK. Anyone with a Mac having this same problem please report it to the rTunes developer so we can get this fixed.

    I checked his blog and the last update he posted for iTunes was for 8.1.x and we're currently on 8.2.x so I imagine the recent update from Apple broke rTunes support.
    Same thing here.
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    This definitely looks promising,thanks!
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    i'll wait until this is easier to use.
    i consider myself fairly knowledgeable in computers and related material,
    but this just seems like a head ache to figure out.
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    does it change play count?
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    Want it, but I will wait until it is within the wLAN. Thanks for your work though!
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    Just install. Can't wait....this is going to drive my wife nuts.....
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    Even if it is a bit buggy, nice work and thank you!!

    I will have to say that iTunes blows and if you are able to port or mod this to work with Mediamonkey/Winamp, WMP, Songbird or VLC I would crap my pants

    Please Please Please Please
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    +1 for vlc support. I watch a lot of movies from my bed and being able to use it a a remote would be awesome. Also, I know this isn't the place, but has anyone thought about making a remote xbmc controller? That's what I use for all my music and videos usually and the standard webui doesn't olay nicely with pre.

    Also... How on earth does anyonelike the zune software?! That was literally the one problem I had with it that made me not get one!
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    This is really cool! I finally got a chance to try this out today after downloading the app to my Pre. A few suggestions/ wants would be:
    - Can the same be done for AppleTV? I have appletv hooked up to speakers around my home, so this would be sweet to be able to change the music while walking about the house.
    - To be able to change the artist/ album would be great (obviously)
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    I hate iTunes but my fiancee uses it on her Mac, so it might prove useful. Thanks OP.
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    Per my last post, if I dedicate the AppleTV as external speakers through iTunes I CAN listen to my iTunes music through my stereo in the house. The weird thing is I am running BOXEE on my AppleTV and it still recognizes AppleTV as an external speaker!? When I get more time I'll look into this... it may have crashed Boxee when iTunes took over.
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    Since the AppleTV allows you to control it from iTunes server, I wonder if you could control your atv with it?

    BTW, if palm had included an IR beam, we could probably have a remote control app. Sux that it can't be done. Or can it?
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    Am I correct in assuming that this app offers none of the equalizing or volume boost options in iTunes? Be really nice to have something on the Pre that can boost output volume.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
    man, an iTunes streamer like Simplify Media does would be soooo cool.
    Winamp can do that via the orb powered winamp remote. Clunky interface, but i've gotten it to work on my pre.
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    Nice screenshot of the app. I love Silversun Pickups.

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