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    Download instructions talk about cutting and apsting URL to an open app . How do you do that ?
    I suggest you use FileCoaster to get this installed:

    Once you get FileCoaster installed, click the HomeBrew list and pic PokerTimer from the list of homebrew apps.

    This was supposed to have made the Palm App Catalog but it "slipped through the cracks" and the approval process has been restarted from scratch...

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    Great Program! Ive been using it since the beginning. Two questions; 1) I just downloaded the 060 update and my donk wav is cut in the middle ( it drops out) any way to replace or fix the wav? and 2) As mentioned before, is there any way to keep the phone awake, so it doesnt overshoot the end of a round?

    AGAIN, SUPER Program. I use it every week and the guys I play against die laughing when I hit the Donk!

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