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    I deleted bWeather because it was stuck on the help page. Now i do not see it on the homebrew apps on my pre. I copied the *.ipk file and installed it using Missing Sync install now where is the file on the pre to install??
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    Can someone post the ipk? I also had to delete it but I can't install it from the app catalog due to the space constraints. I've deleted a ton of apps but still can't free up enough space.
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    same exact thing here, i cant reinstall from app catalog, i keep getting " not enough space"
    which of course is b/s
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    I still cannot figure out how to remove a location.
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    looks like a good app. i migth try it!
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    I might be missing something obvious here but .. what does pressing '1/2' or '2/2' do, it mentions updating but what is changing on screen ?
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    I can't remove the location either. I had three and tried to remove one. That is the one that won't go away. I uninstalled and was still there!

    Otherwise, I love it!

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    Any chance to use in France? we've got a poor App Catalog there...
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    I second that request. Please re-submit it to the Palm app catalog with the "worldwide" option or whatever it is to make it available for us European Palm Pre users! I might have to doctor my Pre when we get 1.3.5 over here and then I will lose bWeather
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    Bummer, it doesn't update its data anymore
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    Just to let you know, it's STILL not showing in the international palm catalog (i'm using the spanish one).

    Is there anything that can be done about this? I used to have bweather before 1.3, and it was AWESOME. Miss it so much... accuweather sucks.
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    Can't you set it to update manually instead of being forced to update at best every 90 minutes?
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