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    Quote Originally Posted by iranmani113 View Post
    Since the app is already called Blăck - Weather....

    Maybe we can just call it the "Black-u-Weather Forecast" and change the app icon to Ollie Williams.

    I that.
    I believe it's actually called "The Blackie Weather Forecast".
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    Is this pulling data from METAR/TAF ADDS Codes? Maybe translating ZIP to ICAO?
    NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration main website gives information by converting ZIP/CITY/STATE to ICAO codes, and how they do it is public information

    I am not saying you did,
    I am just concerned to know where it pulls weather info,

    I mean i hate the ads on accuweather, but im still sticking to it because of the more detailed information it provides
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    Can't wait to try this. Love the expanded quick launch idea
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    I can't PM yet as I don't have enough posts, but I would like to be able to test this program. I just donated under snick525 at gmail dot com.
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    I got it installed through the fileCoaster using the link. It's nice but very simple. Shouldn't really be 6 mb especially if I can only see one zip at a time. But it is nice. LIke someone else said, it reminds me of the HTC Hero weather app except this one doesn't have animation. Good job overall. Would love to see improvments.
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    Another tip that could reduce filesize. . Don't include all those images in the install ipk. Just put the required or most common ones in the install. Then when weather info updates, download the extra images it needs.
    It might cause a bit of delay loading certain things but shouldn't be too bad.
    Pm me if you need somewhere too host files/images
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    I can't install this from rapidshare. Any way someone could give me a direct link to DL the ipk file?
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    Can I be the Beta test for the My Homescreen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbp007 View Post
    Can I be the Beta test for the My Homescreen?
    Maybe you should post this in the My Homescreen thread, not this one O.o
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    Looks Great will be trying tonight!!! Thanks
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    Works great, not sure how it gets the day names for the upcoming days, but if it's pulling from an array, then it's not working. Because today I get Saturday for the first forecast day, and "undefined" for the 2nd forecast day.
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    good app
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    Using this and loving it. Thanks!
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    Jeezuz, I'll give you 6MB of web space for free if stop using that garbage!
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    Great, and I love the display
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    pics are great... however I like having the capability to switch between several different locations (I travel quite a bit)... also, knowing hour by hour forcasts are nice, and of course current doppler's...

    wish accuweather didn't have the adds, but it's got the content I desire... could use some better pics for forecast like this mod tho
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    what's the average download time using filecoaster on wifi?
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    I tried it a few times but it wont let me download.
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    Great App, Use it daily. Few suggestions for future releases.
    The ability to pull weather data from other sources, Specifically weather-underground.
    Also, I've always wanted to be alerted when the national weather service has issued a warning of some kind. Would it even be possible to integrate this into your app?

    Say for instance, they issue a Severe Thunderstorm warning, have the app send some kind of alert to the user. Play the notification sound, vibrate, something..

    Just an idea, either way keep up the good work.
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    Updated - 0.2.1b
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