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    NASA Image of the Day v0.1.0: [7/26/09]
    A little application that lets you check NASA's image of the day.


    For Users:

    For Developers:
    I've included the source code, enjoy!

    Licensing Conditions:
    This application is in the public domain.
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    Could you post the ipk and source as attachments not zipped? Those using fileCoaster can't instal zips. Thanks!
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    this is awesome BUT

    if you could include landscape mode, as well and pinch & zoom it'd make this app really nice.

    as of now, the pictures are a tad bit small. and this is nitpicking, but if it's possible to get the NASA logo as the icon it'd be perfect
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    Me likey!
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    This is such a great framework that could be used for content for dozens of similar sites.

    Nice job!

    - Craig
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    Thanks for posting the ipk! App looks great. Would it be possible to add a way to browse previous days as well?
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    There a way to have the app set the image as wallpaper? Would be something cool that a regular web page can't do. Sometimes the images are pretty sweet.
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    It uses the same icon as the '5 or more' app in the launcher. Can you put some sort of Nasa / Space image on it?

    I have always enjoyed the Nasa image of the day. Thanks for making this app.
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    Installed with filecoaster. Tapped on more info. NASA doesn't like the pre browser.
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    that's cool
    someone should do something like this except with the bing homepage
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    I like this. Simple and clean. Would like to see added functionality such as browsing previous days and image manipulation (landscape, zoom, set as wallpaper, save to photos). I love the starry background, nice touch.
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    Neat idea works good, i agree with willxcore could be an even better app with more features, send to friend via mms or email would be cool too
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    Cool - thanks!
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    Could you do Astonomy Picture of the Day (APOD) as well? I love looking at apods Love the app!
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    Very good
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    Is this app listed in the homebrew gallery? I can't find it any of the ipk feeds?
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    any update to get this in the homebrew catalog?

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