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    Please put in the App Gallery so we can use Filecoaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prubin View Post
    Please put in the App Gallery so we can use Filecoaster.
    You can use Filecoaster. Click on "File URL Download" in Filecoaster (1.1.0). Open the first page of this thread and click in the box with the ipk. Copy that and paste it into the file location box in Filecoaster. Download.
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    Great app. Is pressure on the list?
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    Quote Originally Posted by APEowner View Post
    Great app. Is pressure on the list?
    Yeah, pressure is on the list.

    Sorry, I haven't had much time to work on it lately, I'll get more unit conversions in this week and get it up in the app gallery, hopefully.

    I've been busy planning a trip...
    Units - Unit conversion for webOS!
    Treo 180->270->600->650->Blackberry Pearl->Palm Pre
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    One suggestion...the ability to change theme from default gray to black, blue gradients etc would be a nice touch.... but very useful app as it is. Thanks!
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    It would be very useful if you could include these measurnments:

    1 qelI'qam = 2 km

    1 loghqam = 1.25 light years

    1 cheb = 2.25kg = 5lbs

    1 'uj = 34.83cm = 13.71''
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    Duuuuuude - it took some Googling to confirm my suspicions (I swear)...
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    and let's not forget:
    1 tlho'ren = 486.5882365 ml = 16.4535057 fl oz
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    Great app. One conversion that is of particular interest on the Pre is all the various GPS coordinate systems. A section that converts either a set number, and possibly has a "current location" button would be really slick.

    Keep going though. This is good stuff.
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    nice to use at work
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    Quote Originally Posted by vtecbrown View Post
    Awesome. Installed & appreciated!
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    Will you be adding common baking measurements like

    gallon (converting to cup/pint/quart)

    You can take a look here for reference:
    Kitchen Baking/Cooking Measurements
    Metric Measurement Conversion Chart
    Conversions and Equivalancies in Food, Baking, Weighing and Measurement Conversions in Karen's Kitchen
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    I have been using an app called "Converter" on my T5 for years, and it's been really handy. I've been waiting for an app like yours to come along. I tried to contact the author of that app to see if he'd want to port it to the Pre, but his link is gone.

    The symbol for his app, by the way, is a line on a 45 degree angle with an arrowhead on each end, surrounded by a circle.

    The conversions in that app are:
    Fuel Consumption
    Speed - Angular
    Speed - Linear

    Your app looks and operates much better, and has more potential for improvement under a better os on a better device.

    Keep up the good work!!!
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    This is a great app. I really appreciate the time you have put into it already. If you are taking suggestions/requests, It would be nice to see a MB/GB to Block conversion in the Storage area.
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    Hello, I am a calibration technician. I deal with lots of different equations and your app has helped me alot. I would like to see some Electrical conversions as well as the other units on the app. For example: Volts to Amps, milliVolts to MegaOhms...and other such calculations. They would save me alot of time, and I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Just a heads up that this has been added to Palm's web catalog (not the app catalog), and I expect to actually get back to development soon and add more units to convert.

    Here is the download link: Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further., or it can be found in Preware if you have Palm's web feed set up.
    Units - Unit conversion for webOS!
    Treo 180->270->600->650->Blackberry Pearl->Palm Pre
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